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   Chapter 112 Heartbreaking Battle

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"Bang!" It slammed into Rocky's shoulder. He heard the bone in his right shoulder crack. He then felt a sharp pain in his right arm that soon faded to a dull ache.

Rocky started to roar with laughter as he gripped his shoulder with his disabled arm. He then raised his left arm and pointed it towards Iron's head. An ice talon immediately shot out from it, carrying the spiritual power at the middle grade of the Heavenly Stage.

Iron did not expect that Rocky would use himself as a bait and hit him with such a strong power. His eyes were wide open in shock as he saw the ice talon coming straight for his head.

Iron gave out a long piercing scream before his head violently exploded.

The look on everyone's faces, including Alston, was of pure astonishment. They could not believe what they had just witnessed.

"How could this be possible?" Alston's eyes widened in disbelief. He had seen Rocky defeat his opponent from the Magic Phoenix Empire during the Dragon Birth Festival with the same technique. At that time, he had thought Rocky had just been lucky. However, now that he had seen the technique for a second time, it seemed that it was not that simple.

The fact that a royal spirit manipulator at the entry grade of the Earthly Stage managed to kill a spirit manipulator at the middle grade of the Heavenly Stage was absolutely incredible.

However, the battle left Rocky in a bad shape. His right arm was limp at his side and he was spitting out blood. Soon, he was no longer able to hold himself together and collapsed onto the ground.

Hawk was fuming in anger at witnessing Iron got killed. The next second, his spiritual power rushed out and he was filled with murderous intent. His talon came straight for Rocky who was now defenseless and could only watch as he attacked.

Rocky felt as if everything was in slow motion.

Just as Rocky was about to meet his end at the hands of Hawk, a shadow swooped in like a hurricane and made its way to Rocky's side. It then bit Hawk's wrist.

Hawk screamed in pain and shook off the beast as he tried to retrieve his hand. He drew a few steps backwards and stared at the figure that was standing right next to Rocky.

It was Uriah. It had sensed that its master was in danger and came to the rescue.

"What are you doing here, buddy?" Rocky weakly chuckled as he patted Uriah's head.

Uriah howled a couple of times before it started to lick Rocky's wound.

"You came just in time. The last half bottle of the magical saliva just might work." Rocky managed to sit himself up and downed the last magical saliva that he fetched from inside his clothes. He then took out the yellow spiritual cryst

to Rocky's chest just as he was about to absorb the power. It cut deep into his flesh like a sharp blade. Spiritual power flowed into Rocky's body through the tips of his fingers.

Rocky felt a stabbing pain in his chest as the invading spiritual power wreaked havoc inside his body. Within seconds, his spiritual power went completely out of control and he was soon immobilized.

Uriah saw that its master was in distress and it immediately came running towards him, giving the two-headed owl an opportunity to sneak an attack behind its back. It sunk its talons deep into Uriah's body and carried it up in the air. Once it was high up, it shook Uriah off its talon. In a flash, Uriah fell to ground and lay there, motionless.

"Uriah!" Rocky screamed out. His face was contorted in agony and his eyes were filled with fury. He wanted to run to it and help it, but he was unable to move.

Hawk was indeed a fearsome opponent. He lifted Rocky up and then smashed him to the ground, causing blood to gush out of Rocky's mouth. He could not even get up this time.

"Ha-ha! I see… You care a lot about this thing. I will tear it to pieces!" Hawk howled with laughter and pressed his foot down onto Rocky, sneering at him.

The two-headed owl aligned its flight path and aimed at Uriah for the final attack.

"No! Don't you dare touch it, or I swear I will... Kill… I will kill you." Rocky glared at Hawk. He struggled quite a bit as he forced himself to stand up, pushing Hawk's foot away.

Hawk was somewhat alarmed to see that Rocky was still able to get up. He then immediately kicked him back down to the ground again.

At that moment, the two-headed owl had once again swooped down at Uriah and had grabbed it by the limbs with its four talons, ready to rip it apart.

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