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   Chapter 111 Desperate Cries

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Outside the Witch Palace, Alston let out an evil, loud laugh. He watched his hysterical brother pleading for a chance to see Lena. Alston then went up to the royal spirit manipulators at the medium level of the Heavenly Stage who were standing guard outside the Palace. He instructed them sternly, "I need you to stay out of whatever will happen after this. I will take care of it myself. No matter how things go, don't try to poke you nose into it. That's a direct order."

"But, Your Royal Highness..." The guards were quite shocked to hear these instructions. Typically, the Crown Prince shouldn't be bothered this kind of matter. They found it rather strange when they heard that he wanted to take care of it in person.

"Do you have any problems with my order?" Alston asked, squaring up his shoulders intimidatingly.

Even though there were looks of perplexed confusion on their faces, the guards understood that asking more questions would not do them any good. So they withdrew themselves with their spirit-manipulated beasts to the front of the Witch Palace.

There was a reason for Alston to order those royal spirit manipulators to stay out of his business. He knew very well that they would stand in his way if he would do something to Rocky that did not comply with the law. Alston now looked at Rocky ferociously and said, "You will never see Lena again. No matter how hard you scream, she will never want to see your face. I will make you suffer more than what you have done to her. Death will be a mercy for you. Just wait and see. I will make it a living hell for you."

"It's you! You're the one who set me up. Alston, you dirty dog!" Rocky clenched his fists. His rage was towering like a flaming fire.

"Hah-hah, do you have any evidence? Currently, all the evidence points to you! Everyone in the empire will soon be convinced that you are the treacherous bastard who committed unforgivable crimes. Even His Majesty can't protect you now. You have no choice but to accept your doom!" Alston said villainously.

Rocky growled as a thunderclap resounded, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from where he stood. In the next moment, he appeared in front of Alston. Nebula shaped spiritual powers kept converging to his clenching right hand in readiness for him to attack Alston. Though he knew that he would not stand a chance to defeat Alston, he swung his fist without a bit of hesitation.

But at that moment, four people appeared from different directions to protect Alston. They were all above the medium level of the Heavenly Stage. One of them took Rocky's nebula punch directly by his own body. Meanwhile, the other covered his fingers

he time he consumed this last bottle, he would be done.

"Bastard, are you so eager to die? Then, kill him as his wish," Alston sneered as he delivered his order. Since Rocky went all out to attack, he would not show any mercy on him.

At that moment, Rocky pulled himself together again, and took out the last bottle of magical saliva. This time, he drank half the bottle all at once. Then he made a deep breath and roared as he unleashed his spiritual power. He charged forward one more time as fast as a flash.

On the other side, it was Iron and Hawk who stood out to block Rocky simultaneously. They both exerting their utmost power in order to kill Rocky at one stroke since they have received Alston's order. The other two guards stood by his side, refraining from engaging in the fight. Alston thought it would be more than enough to leave the task to both Iron and Hawk.

In an instant, Rocky countered with the two guards. But suddenly, he felt as though he had been enveloped by a stream of strong power. As he was in a much lower level of cultivation base, he became a thorough target of his enemies.

"Earth Dome Punch!"

"Icy Hawk Claw!"

Without any hesitation, the two guards attacked Rocky simultaneously from both sides. There was no place left for Rocky to retreat at all.

Rocky never thought of running away at all. He smiled evilly in front of the co-attack of the guards. The Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm sparkled as stream of dull-color mist diffused in the air around his arm.

After that, Rocky used his left arm to block the attack from Hawk. The dragon spiritual power managed to engulf the spiritual power of the hawk claws in an instant. But at the same time, a powerful fist shinning with flames punched toward his right shoulder!

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