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   Chapter 110 Beyond Redemption

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Rocky stormed through the area angrily, causing great vibrations to ripple throughout. A dense mass of palace guards were startled and grasped in terror. Ever since, the Witch Palace had been a forbidden place. Even a prince couldn't enter it unless the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire permitted. However, Rocky was trying to break into it in a direct and blunt way. The palace guards had to stop him regardless of his status as a prince. Though disrespecting him was fundamentally against their will, they knew clearly that if the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire flew into a rage for their disregard for their duty, they would be doomed.

Realizing the palace guards had no intention of making way for him, Rocky instantly displayed the spiritual martial arts of the Vast Nebula Skill. Instantly two nebulas showed up in his hands, shooting towards the palace guards, from left and right. "Boom! Boom!" The two nebulas exploded among the palace guards, dust fog billowing in great clouds. Many of the palace guards were thrown off their feet. As a result, their formation was scattered into total disorder.

Rocky sped up and planned to make use of the situation and break through their interception in one stroke. However, it seemed that he had underestimated the strength of the palace guards who were responsible for defending the Palace City of the Holy Dragon Empire. When he ran across them, countless black shadows launched attacks against him from left and right. Immediately, he generated the dragon spiritual power to resist the attacks. He had to stop in order to do this.

Very soon, the palace guards gathered into a new array to cluster around Rocky. The formation was virtually airtight.

At the point, several figures appeared behind the palace guards, all of whom were beyond the medium level of the Heavenly Stage. They stared at Rocky mercilessly with their hands behind their backs. Rocky saw some sort of indolence in their eyes. It seemed that they looked down upon Rocky who was just at the Earthly Stage, knowing that they could blast him away easily.

Rocky also noticed several spirit-manipulated beasts, hovering and roaring in the sky or snapping and clawing on the ground. Like their owners standing beside, all of them were powerful with an overflowing aura of arrogance.

Their owners were royal spirit manipulators, who were in charge of the protection of the Witch Palace. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn't show up. They felt it rather peculiar that a prince would try to break into the Witch Palace, so they came along with the palace guards to stop Rocky.

"Get out of my way!" Rocky bellowed, his eyes filling with fury. He didn't want to kill anyone

ing stunned, he couldn't believe Randi's words.

"Go now! You have broken her heart already. Please don't do it again." Finishing her words, Randi turned away to Alston.

"Good job. You can go back to accompany Her Royal Highness now. Remember! Don't let her go out. Understand?" Alston advised repeatedly.

"Your Royal Highness, you may rest assured. I know what to do." Randi nodded and returned to the Witch Palace.

"What's going on outside?" Lena asked when Randi came back.

"Nothing. Your Royal Highness, you should take the medicine and have a rest," Randi replied while shaking her head.

At Randi's urging, Lena finally took the medicine.

After that, Randi got a block of sleep-inducing incense and lit it in the censer. Very soon, the fragrance pervaded all over the room.

Thanks to the efficacy of the medicine and the fragrance of the incense, Lena, who had been utterly fatigued both mentally and physically, finally felt drowsy.

However, at this point, Rocky, feeling utterly desperate, shouted himself blue in the face. "Lena Long, I'm here to see you! Lena Long, I'm here to see you!" His screams resounded with desperation and remorse.

Hearing this, Lena suddenly opened her pretty eyes and shouted, "I hear Basil calling me. Is he outside?"

"Your Royal Highness, you must be imagining things. No one has called you. Have a good rest. If His Royal Highness comes, I will wake you up," Randi comforted Lena.

Lena believed Randi's words and nodded. Quickly, she fell asleep.

"Your Royal Highness, please don't hate me. I just want to protect you," Randi bitterly muttered to herself, looking at Lena, who was now finally sleeping soundly.

Having gone off to dreamland, Lena never expected that this would lead Rocky to a situation beyond redemption.

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