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   Chapter 109 Rush Out

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The emperor hastily returned to Allison's room. Lena had been dressed in a robe and sat morosely, Allison right beside her. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

"Lena, what happened? Why did Basil and you..." the emperor asked hesitantly.

"I... I don't know! I just remember that I felt so sick and lost consciousness then. That feeling was strange... And when I woke up, I saw Basil lying beside me! We weren't wearing any clothes. And there was a bloodstain on the bed..." Lena answered bitterly, shaking her head.

"Your Majesty, let her have some rest first. This poor girl has gone through quite a lot today. How about asking her those questions tomorrow?" Allison said gently.

The emperor nodded and ordered the servants to take care of Lena. Then he turned around and left.

Rocky, however, had been sent into the Introspection Hall by several royal guards. They encircled the hall, guarding him strictly.

When Alston returned, rage surged up and sent his heart pounding in his chest. Despite the unexpected changes, he had made up his mind and already drawn up a new plan.

The next day in the Violet Cloud Hall, the emperor was greeted by Alston. They were the only ones there.

"Father, I have had my men search around Consort Allison's place and they found this suspicious bottle," Alston said, handing over the object in question to the emperor.

The emperor looked at the bottle for a while and then glanced inside it. When he saw the bottle was empty, he frowned a little and asked, "What was inside before?"

"I have no idea about this as well. Perhaps, Priest Dean can shed some light on it," Alston answered.

After giving it some thought, the emperor ordered a subordinate to summon Priest Dean.

After a while, Priest Dean walked into the Violet Cloud Hall hastily and bowed to the emperor. "Your Majesty, what do you need me to do in such a hurry?"

The emperor stood up and walked to Priest Dean. He thrust the bottle at him and demanded, "Priest Dean, can you identify what was in this bottle before?"

Priest Dean took the bottle and smelled. He then looked shocked and exclaimed, "Is this the Amorous Powder? Taking it will make people lose consciousness. And... and this powder stimulates sexual desire. When I made an inventory of the medicine in my stocks, one bottle of this powder was unaccounted for. Is this the one? But it's already empty. Is..."

The emperor turned grim-faced as he heard Priest Dean.


n framing him this whole time. Now that he had no other way to prove himself, Lena was his only chance. Rocky had already made up his mind. Despite the risk, he decided to see Lena anyway.

As everyone was distracted by the matter at hand, he activated all his spiritual power and jumped into the air. Shooting out of the Violet Cloud Hall, a shadow flashed over the sky.

"Stop him right now!" Alston cried out in shock. As soon as the royal guards outside the Regal Hall heard Alston, they tried to stop Rocky.

But it was too late already. Rocky had rushed out and headed for Lena's place.

"Father, he is trying to get away with the punishment because of guilt. I will take my men to stop him right now." Cruelty sparkled in Alston's eyes as he bowed to the emperor. Then he walked out the Violet Cloud Hall as well.

"I will go with Prince Alston, Your Majesty!" Priest Dean bowed to the emperor and then left away.

Now the emperor was the only one left in the Violet Cloud Hall, grim-faced.

Rocky, meanwhile, was rushing to Lena's place as fast as he could. But soon he noticed that numerous figures were rushing to him from all the directions, trying to block his way. He clenched his teeth and continued rushing forwards.

In a matter of seconds, Rocky had reached the square in front of the Witch Palace. But hundreds of royal guards had stood in lines in the square and tried to stop Rocky to get into the hall.

"Get out! Or you are going to meet my fist! I don't want to hurt anyone!" Rocky roared angrily. He knew well that they must be Alston's men. But no matter what, he would tried everything to get in and see Lena.

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