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   Chapter 108 All Of Them Were Angry

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Rocky was not able to control his lust any longer.

Both of them were soon lost in the overwhelming desire.

A hint of pain appeared on Lena's face the moment Rocky stuck himself inside her. She grasped Rocky by the shoulder tightly, which subsequently made him thrust just a little bit harder. And she was drowned in another wave of excitement.

Meanwhile in the Violet Cloud Hall, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was reviewing several files while Allison ground ink beside him.

"Allison, it's gotten a bit late now. Let me walk you to your residence," the emperor softly suggested. He knew that Allison was in a bad health condition, so he was very gentle with her. Seeing that she still served him despite her condition just added the affection he felt towards her.

"It's alright, Your Majesty. I can go back alone. You're so busy. You should go to rest as soon as possible. You don't have go out of your way for me," Allison heedfully declined.

"It won't take long," the emperor said. He got up and asked a servant to bring him a coat and then placed it on Allison's shoulders. They then went out of the Violet Cloud Hall and headed for Allison's residence.

Once Allison and the emperor arrived at the door of the residence, they caught sight of Alston accompanied by several imperial guards. Alston must have come here for a reason.

The emperor thought it was rather strange to see Alston outside Allison's residence, and likewise, Alston was surprised to run into both of them. He wondered why Allison was with the emperor. She should have been with Rocky right at this moment. 'Does she know what I'm planning? Did she bring the emperor here to capture me? If so, who is that woman inside the residence? Am I in her trap now?'

Alston anxiously thought to himself, growing worried. His face was pale with fear.

"Alston, what are you doing here?" The emperor asked. He was wondering why Alston looked like he just did something bad.

"I just got a message that someone suspicious appeared here. So I decided to bring some imperial guards to check on it." Alston casted a glance at Allison. He was beginning to have a feeling in the pit of his stomach. He had a bad hunch about the situation. However, despite the chaos that he was feeling inside, he pretended to look calm.

"I see." The emperor nodded.

Suddenly, a scream came out from inside Allison's residence.

"Lena!" Allison exclaimed.

"Lena? Consort Allison, are you saying Lena is inside your residence?"

hat there was a bit of triumph in there. It was clear to him now.

"Move! Get him out! Quickly!" Alston immediately ordered. He grew a bit panicked as he noticed that Rocky seemed to have figured something out.

The guards stared at Rocky, at a loss at what to do. They did not want to force the son of the emperor, but they needed to follow the order.

"I will find the truth," Rocky swore to Alston and left Allison's residence as he was escorted by the guards.

"Alston, what happened tonight is only between you, me, and Allison. You must keep it secret. Once news of this incident breaks out, the Holy Dragon Empire will be disgraced," the emperor said. It would be a great dishonor to the Holy Dragon Empire if the news that the Witch had been raped, and worse, the man who raped her was his son. Therefore, he had to keep it a secret. He would take appropriate action once he had figured out what happened. Lena and Rocky were friends since childhood. He knew that the two were very close. It made no sense that Basil had done such a thing to Lena.

However, Rocky's personality really did change after he blended himself with the Holy Dragon Bead. He became a rising star of the Holy Dragon Empire and enjoyed massive popularity. It was likely that the fame would get to him and make him do unreasonable things. No matter what the reason was, this thing would not be known to the public.

Alston nodded. If it were not for Lena, he would make this scandal known to the public as soon as possible. Hence, he had to think it over on account of Lena's wellbeing.

"You can go back now," the emperor said.

Alston nodded and despondently walked away.

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