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   Chapter 107 Out Of Control

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Allison left her place with two servants. When she got out of the door, she told Lena's servant to leave, who had been waiting outside, and she assured that she would ask her maids to walk Lena back.

The servant followed her orders and left.

Rocky was led to Allison's room after a while. As he reached the door, the servant who'd taken him there bowed and gestured for him to enter the room, after which she left him there alone.

Rocky entered the room, only to find it empty. He felt like he had been fooled. Just then, a slight groan caught his attention. He turned back out of curiosity and walked to the source of the sound. It was coming from near the bed. Carefully, he removed the tulle that encircled the bed. To his surprise, a slender figure writhed in the large bed.

"Lena!" It took him a second to recognize her, but even after he did, he couldn't figure out why she was here. He leaned in closer to check if something was wrong with her. Her pretty face was red, glowing with the beads of perspiration that decorated her forehead.

Rocky extended his hand and put it on her forehead to feel her temperature. Feeling her burning hot skin, he knitted his eyebrows together in concern. Und


"Lena, I'm sorry..." said Rocky. He didn't want to take advantage of a girl while she was sick. He slipped from under her in a hurry. Almost instantly, Lena grabbed his neck with both her hands.

Rocky froze on the spot, shocked to see Lena acting out like that.

Part of him was sure something shady was at play here. It looked like she was being manipulated or controlled by someone else. He knew she wasn't a flirtatious person at all.

"Lena, cut it out!" Rocky yelled, trying to rid himself of her grip.

But Lena was out of control.

"No! I can't!" As he struggled to free himself, he started feeling suffocated. Soon, he started to lose consciousness. He started having difficulty to breathe, and his body started to shake frantically. Everything in front of his eyes became blurry.

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