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   Chapter 106 Conspiracy

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"Of course! Your Royal Highness, you can evaluate all the spirit-manipulated beasts on the Super Beast Farm. By the way, you can help us to find the value of these beasts." Tobin was so impressed after watching Rocky's exceptional skill in evaluating beasts yesterday.

"A few spirit-manipulated beasts are enough. But could you help me to find a quiet place?" Rocky said with a little hollow laugh at once. He didn't know that Tobin was so greedy until now. He even wanted Rocky to evaluate all the spirit-manipulated beasts.

Tobin then arranged a remote stable for Rocky in a short time. Few people would come there. Rocky was very satisfied with that. Afterward, Tobin also asked his men to send a few spirit-manipulated beasts to Rocky at once.

Rocky stayed there alone and evaluate the beasts through his Magical Evaluation Skill. He was busy in evaluating but he enjoyed himself.

Time flew! Working until late in the afternoon, Rocky forgot to have lunch, which Tobin had brought for him. Tobin had prepared the best food for him in order to please him.

Though it was a big meal, Rocky didn't take notice and didn't bother about eating. He was obsessed with his work.

Rocky didn't walked out of the stable slowly until it turned dark. He came to the Palace City after saying goodbye to Tobin.

For the next days, Rocky gave the ten-thousand golden bill to the guards of Palace City in order to the Super Beast Farm. Moreover, Prince Basil was so famous in the Holy Dragon Empire. The guards gladly let him go out of the Palace City. Sometimes, he would come along with Uriah for intensive training.

One day, Lena went to Rocky's chamber as soon as he had left. She wanted to find out from the maids where Rocky had gone. As usual, he left before dawn and stayed out until very late, making it almost impossible for anyone to know what he was up to.

"All right! I will come back later. In a few minutes I should be at Consort Allison's. She is teaching me embroidery." Having learned that Rocky was not in, Lena left with her own maids.

Elsewhere, a terrible conspiracy was cooking in Alston's palace, on the other side of the Palace City.

"Priest Dean, have you finished preparing the secret medicine?" Alston asked as he looked at Priest Dean, who was seat

de. Twilight deepened. She also wanted to see Rocky, so it was time for her to leave. She stood up in a hurry and suddenly, but strangely a sudden dizziness crept on her. It felt like she was going to hit on the ground the next moment.

Quickly, Allison rushed forward to support her from falling. In a worried tone she asked, "Is anything wrong, Lena? Are you feeling dizzy? You were well just now."

"I feel light headed, like I might be coming down with a flu. I didn't have a good rest last night. Nothing major to worry about." When Lena touched her own forehead, she sensed she was starting to run a fever.

"Come have a rest, please. You can't go out before we are clear that you are strong enough. You can as well sleep in my bed," Allison offered, getting worried at how Lena looked pale in the face.

"How could I sleep in your bed? I don't want to inconvenience your rest." Lena declined, shaking her head. But then she sensed she was getting more and more dizzy.

"Never mind. I have asked the cooks to make some special soup for His Majesty. I am going to bring the soup to him. Meanwhile, you rest here," Allison said with a smile. She then wrapped her arm around Lena's shoulders and walked her to bed.

After Lena lay down, she smiled to Allison to show her appreciation.

"Have a rest now. When I come back, I will arrange people to send you back," Allison said, on her way out of the room.

Lena nodded at her feebly, her body feeling heavy. She closed her eyes and gradually drifted off.

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