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   Chapter 105 I Know You Will Come Here

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At the feeling of being kissed by Rocky, Shirley felt like she had been struck by lightning. She was dumbfounded, her eyes opening wide as her heart hammered. She had never been touched intimately by anyone else—the last time she had held hands with someone was her grandfather when she was little! But Rocky kissed her in public. And to make matters worse, it was her first kiss!

Shirley was overwhelmed by the rage, humiliation and other emotions all at the same time.

Many members of the Ximen Clan passed by and witnessed this scene. They were all shocked, their jaws dropping open. They certainly had no clue that Rocky had surprised her with this. From their perspective, it was an extremely unexpected thing that Shirley, who was cold, arrogant, and ignored all men, would kiss Rocky in front of everyone.

Rocky thought it was enough and was about to end this kiss, but he found that he was a little unwilling to end it, because Shirley's lips were so soft and sweet. He could detect a faint, pleasant aroma coming from her skin. Before he took back his hand holding Shirley's chin, he slightly patted Shirley's waist and murmured with satisfaction, "There you go."

Shirley's face was stiff, as though she was frozen. Her eyes were full of flaming anger and murderous intent. She wrathfully stared at Rocky as she rubbed her mouth until it was red. But she still felt as though it was still dirty.

"You want to kill me so much, don't you? But I think you'd better not do that. There are so many people watching. If something bad happens to me, people will say you murdered your husband," Rocky smiled coldly as he looked at Shirley's steely face. He was not worried about her at all. He wouldn't have resorted to such a rude thing if it hadn't been for Shirley being unreasonable. She caused him trouble first. He did not care if she would hate him more for this. In fact, he hoped she would despise him so much that she would demand that the emperor annul the betrothal right now.

Shirley surely knew that there were lots of people around them now. That was also the reason that she did not attack him again. But she had clenched her hand and bitten her lips so tig

ad been taking with her all the time. They all knew that it was one of Marcia's favorite daggers, so it was so strange that Rocky had it with him. They couldn't help but wonder about how these two knew each other, and what the nature of their relationship might be.

Rocky was a little disappointed that he did not see Marcia, but he decided to go to the Super Beast Farm at once. Since he had comprehended the Stroking Evaluation Skill which only the grade two beast evaluators could master, he wanted to practice it again as soon as possible. To tell the truth, he thought that if Carter had not deliberately made things difficult for him, he might not comprehend the Stroking Evaluation Skill.

But Rocky also knew that he was talented in beast evaluating because he had suddenly comprehended the Stroking Evaluation Skill yesterday.

As he just arrived at the Super Beast Farm and was about to enter, Tobin suddenly appeared in front of him and said, "Your Royal Highness, you finally came here! I knew you would definitely visit us today, so I have been waiting for you for a long time."

Tobin's loud voice immediately drew the attention of the people around them.

"Shh, keep your voice down. Remember to stay low-key," Rocky whispered scoldingly.

Tobin immediately shut his mouth as he nodded at Rocky.

"Would you please bring some spirit-manipulated beasts to me? I want to practice my skill," Rocky asked with a mysterious smile.

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