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   Chapter 104 Bold Rocky

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Everyone was in a state of shock. In fact, they couldn't believe that Rocky was bold enough that he dared to flirt with Shirley in public. He was so unbridled.

"Ha-ha, Your Royal Highness, it looked like you couldn't wait any longer to marry Shirley." Bryant just laughed out loud to help Rocky get out of the embarrassing situation.

"Shirley is very beautiful. Every man who has laid their eyes on her will love her very much. So I need to marry her as soon as possible." Rocky's disgusting tone drove Shirley who was beside him mad.

"All right, Shirley, please take His Royal Highness to visit our home now. You haven't been together before. Therefore, staying together would greatly help you form a closer relationship. Shirley, do you still remember what I told you yesterday?" all of a sudden, Bryant said to Shirley as he looked at her after he heard what Rocky had said.

"Yes. I know." Shirley nodded and glared at Rocky angrily. She then swiftly left by herself.

"Your Royal Highness, you can visit our home with Shirley if you'd like," Bryant said to Rocky.

Rocky began to suspect that she would punish him rather than show him around. He thought that maybe she had made preparations to kill him by using traps or hidden weapons. It was just Rocky's guess. No excuse could be found to turn down Bryant's offer. So he cupped one hand on the other before his chest and then went forward to follow Shirley.

After Rocky and Shirley had left the area, an elder of the Ximen Clan immediately said, "Bryant, it seems that Miss Shirley doesn't like Prince Basil very much. They might have trouble getting along with each other."

"Indeed, Shirley is a willful girl but I can assure you that she is very kind. His Royal Highness might look careless and casual but he is also a very wise man. He could easily dodge awkward situations in time and could pretend to be calm just like how he did earlier. He is really talented," Bryant said.

"Because of that, we are worried that Miss Shirley will be bullied by him."

"You don't have to worry. Shirley is much more powerful than His Royal Highness. How could she be bullied by someone weaker than her?" Bryant shook his head.

"But he was able to defeat a talent at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage from the Magic Phoenix Empire during the Dragon Birth Festival," another elder added.

she still couldn't believe the emperor had decided to marry her to him. Now, she just got angrier and angrier because Rocky had insulted her. She shook her body as the Dragon Spirit Mark appeared quickly on her fine arms. Next, she turned her fingers into a sword and attacked Rocky with her spiritual power.

"Are you being serious right now?" Rocky knew that Shirley didn't try her best to attack him. He also activated the Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm and used his spiritual power and turned it into a mass of cloud to defend himself from the attack.

As their two kinds of power clashed against each other, a bright light flared and went out. They heard a loud and deafening sound.

All of a sudden, Shirley felt that that her hands were stuck by something. She observed carefully and found that Rocky's spiritual power had surrounded her arm after the loud explosion. She couldn't move them anymore.

Shirley didn't realize that she had underestimated Rocky until now. She wanted to improve her spiritual power but it was already too late. Rocky caught her arms and trapped them. Next, a kind of mixed colors began to surround them. She found that her spiritual power was flowing out of her body.

If Shirley knew about this before, she should have just spared no effort to attack Rocky. Due to her carelessness, she was now under an out of control situation with him.

"You were being unreasonable so let me teach you a lesson." All of a sudden, Rocky stretched out his hand to grab Shirley's chin. He then kissed her rosy lips without any hesitation.

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