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   Chapter 103 Future Member Of Ximen Clan

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Bryant was sitting calmly in his tiger chair, stone-faced. Although he showed no emotion, the august aura oozing out of him awed everyone in his presence. No one could tell what was on his mind. The senior elders of the Ximen Clan sat on both of Bryant's sides. They were all spirit manipulators at the advanced level of the Supernal Stage, with the exception of one of them who was already at the entry level of the Divine Stage. Their individual strengths alone were formidable enough, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. One could only imagine the full power of the Ximen Clan. In fact, their strength greatly concerned the emperor who had been trying desperately to weaken them.

The rest of the people sitting in for the gathering were all the important members of the Ximen Clan. They were also incredibly powerful as all of them was above the middle level of the Heavenly Stage. Some of them had even reached the entry level of the Supernal Stage.

Rocky was well aware that these people's strength was still only a small portion of the Ximen Clan. With these elites gathering together, it showed that Ximen Clan took this meeting with Rocky very seriously.

Rocky entered the hall, escorted by four spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage. Everyone including Bryant turned to look at him even before the escorts announced his arrival.

They had all heard a great deal about Rocky recently as news about him were all over the Holy Dragon Empire, which was indeed unparalleled. Among the people seated, no one else except for Bryant and a couple of elders had met Rocky before. The rest of them had no idea what Rocky looked like.

Therefore, almost everyone was staring at him from the very moment that he entered the hall, all of them hoping to gain a clear picture of his appearance.

They were quite surprised to see a young man with a tall and strong build, oozing with energetic aura. He was contradictor

ly. I invited the prince over here today so that he can meet and get to know our clan, each and every one of our members. Everyone present here today is an elite and are some of the most integral part of the Ximen Clan."

Bryant then briefly introduced the elders and other important members to Rocky.

After he was introduced to most of the members, Rocky's prospective wife soon showed up in an elegant outfit that fully demonstrated her incomparable beauty. As everyone in the entire Ximen Clan had never seen Shirley wear a woman's clothing, they were all stunned by her beauty. It was as if a bomb was dropped on them.

"Shirley, come and greet Prince Basil." Bryant saw his daughter and waved her over.

As soon as Shirley caught sight of Rocky, she was not able to conceal her disdain towards him, acting arrogant and distant from the get-go. However, since her grandfather told her to, she had to comply. She then came forward, stared contemptuously at Rocky, and very obviously against her will, said, "It is an honor to meet you, Prince Basil."

"You're being too polite. You're going to be my wife soon. How about just calling me honey from now on?" Rocky said, trying to mess with her.

"You..." Shirley glared at Rocky. She was so angry that her face glowed red.

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