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   Chapter 102 Being Talked About

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"Why?" Rocky asked.

"The leader of the Ximen Clan wants to invite the future grandson-in-law to meet the Ximen Clan. But he definitely has ulterior motives, so remember to be careful. Besides, it looks like Shirley still hates you, so she might try to embarrass you," Lena replied.

"Well. If I don't go there, then everything will be solved," Rocky shrugged his shoulders.

"But you have to. You are the key to balancing the royal family and the Ximen Clan. Your slightest action could greatly affect the equilibrium. You have to behave appropriately," Lena warned him sternly.

"Alright. I got it. Would you like to enjoy the moon or chat with me?" Rocky wanted to seize the chance to spend time with her.

"No, I'm leaving now. I have something else to do. Don't forget what I've told you," Lena said, before somberly turning to leave.

"The worse thing for anyone is to encounter a beautiful flower in your path but be unable to pick it," Rocky sighed, shaking his head.

Uriah also sadly whined in a low voice.

Rocky asked all the maids in his palace to leave his room before taking out one of the two yellow spiritual crystals the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire had given him. Uriah took the crystal as Rocky took two drops of the magical saliva. Then, he began to absorb the spiritual power in the yellow spiritual crystal, together with Uriah.

After reaching the Earthly Stage, the spiritual power required for evolving the grade was dozens of times more than the equivalent process at the Mortal Stage. This time, he took one more drop of the magical saliva. However, the speed of the upgrading was still much slower than when he had done the same process at the Mortal Stage. Because the yellow spiritual crystal's spiritual power was very dangerous, he would not make the same mistake as last time and absorb all of the spiritual power. It had nearly been fatal last time.

One night later, Rocky and Uriah had absorbed the spiritual power of one yellow spiritual crystal together. But their spiritual power had only increased by a small margin. At this rate, Rocky would only reach the next grade after absorbing the power from several more yellow spiritual crystals.

Currently, the fastest way to enhance his power was to absorb the spiritual power in th

laid eyes on him.

'Looks like the people of the Ximen Clan are much more enthusiastic than I imagined, ' Rocky thought to himself as he smiled. Meanwhile, he looked around and found that this Mansion of General Ximen was not only large, but also looked like a small city. In this Mansion of General Ximen, all kinds of buildings were regularly placed in two rows. Between the two rows of buildings, there was a wide road made of white stones leading to every corner of this general's mansion.

Rocky and the four spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage appeared to be heading to a grand building which looked like a palace. This palace-liked building was the center of the general's mansion.

They walked across a huge square and an arched bridge decked with white jade railings which had stone lions on them. They arrived in front of the building after climbing a long staircase. This grand building looked even more spectacular and magnificent than when he first saw it from a distance!

The scenery was completely different behind the red gate. Rocky felt like he had entered a garden full of colorful and beautiful flowers and vitality. And to think that this was just the front yard! Walking through a straight path, they finally arrived at the magnificent hall.

Rocky saw that lots of people had already gathered here as he entered the hall following the four spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage. It looked like they were all waiting for him—their beloved Shirley's future husband from the royal family.

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