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   Chapter 101 Terrible Jealousy

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"To be frank, you've always viewed things in an extremely simple way. If His Majesty only considered things like that, he never would have arranged a marriage between Shirley and Basil. After all, Shirley is the successor of the Ximen Clan. Based on its current strong power, the Ximen Clan may even surpass that of the royal family in several years. Basil, who is supposed to become the son-in-law of the Ximen Clan, will therefore have enough powerful force to contend against the royal family. If Basil would become unfaithful to the emperor, no one can say for sure who will take over the throne. Therefore, I really doubt whether my father did it intentionally. Maybe his purpose for the arrangement was to make Basil become the next emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire." Alston tried to guess the emperor's true intention by considering all possibilities.

"In my humble opinion, Prince Alston, the emperor does not plan to let Basil become his successor. If His Majesty intends to make the boy become his next successor, why did he even bother to demote Basil down to a commoner?" Cleary, Priest Dean held a totally different idea.

"Do you remember that my father was determined to bring that bastard Basil's mother back to the royal family? He even promoted her from a worthless concubine to an imperial one, regardless of the strong opposition coming from the entire royal family. I know he still held a deep affection for that bastard's mother, thus he definitely had a reason for doing so. I'm certain that his demotion of Basil as a commoner is only a means of hiding his true intentions. Otherwise, how could that bastard have broken through the Earthly Stage at such an astonishing speed in just two months? I absolutely don't believe that the bastard can break through to the Earthly Stage with his own strength. He has definitely received some kind of assistance from others." Alston clenched both of his fists together, blue veins appearing on his forehead due to his anger and jealousy.

"I do have to admit that what you said also makes sense to some extent. Basil really broke through the Earthly Stage at an amazing speed. Moreover, he took out a yellow spiritual crystal at the Dragon Birth Festival. How could such a precious thing be in his possession?" Priest Dean nodded his head as he began to be aware that the whole thing was a bit odd.

"I'm sure that this is one of my father's secret arrangements. First, he deliberately demoted Basil down to a commoner so that he could secretly help him. Later, he arranged for him to be a hit at the Dragon Birth Festival to let everyone present be sincerely conv

d not say a single word to Rocky for the whole duration of their ride and even after they have arrived at the palace. After sending him back to his palace, she immediately rode away on the Scarlet Flame Dragon, still without saying a single word.

"You're leaving just like that? Won't you give me a kiss goodbye?" Rocky teased after her.

When Rocky returned to the palace, Uriah, who had anxiously been waiting for his master for a whole day, immediately jumped towards him with great enthusiasm. Rocky and Uriah then started to playfully wrestle each other. After his "date" with Mia, he felt much better.

In a twinkling of an eye, all became quiet in the dead of night.

After having dinner, Rocky was ready to start practicing. When suddenly, Lena came into his room.

"Lena, what are you doing here?" Rocky somewhat felt strange as he looked at Lena.

"I'm here to check on you. When I saw you leave in the morning, you didn't seem to be in a good mood. I know that the emperor's arrangement for your marriage has put you into a dilemma. I didn't mean it, and I'm really sorry for that," Lena said, feeling guilty.

"I know that you're doing it for my own good. Therefore, there's no need for you to apologize. It was you who made me understand my own situation. In fact, I should be thanking you." Rocky gave her a smile, trying to comfort her.

"Oh, I'm so relieved. I thought you would definitely blame me for that." Lena let out a soft sigh.

"Why would I blame you? I want to take care of you and protect you. Can't you feel my sincere affections towards you?" Rocky said, smirking flirtatiously.

Lena rolled her eyes. "Stop being such a glib. By the way, you'll be paying a visit to the Ximen Clan tomorrow," she said.

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