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   Chapter 100 Great Beast Evaluation Skill

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"My Magical Evaluation Skill is that good?" Rocky marvelled after hearing it for himself. He learned the Magical Evaluation Skill from the Beast Encyclopedia, a book that Marcia got from a mysterious box, which she then sent to him as a gift. Every item in that box were priceless treasures, including the Beast Encyclopedia.

'Wow! General Beauty was so kind to me!' Rocky appreciated Marcia in his mind.

Mia was also stunned to hear it. She immediately wondered just how and when Rocky learned such a great Beast Evaluation Skill. Rocky had spent the past two months in the dragon field. Therefore Mia thought that it was impossible for him to learn anything about beast evaluation, not to mention be able to execute a Beast Evaluation Skill. Mia concluded that Rocky must be concealing something from her.

"Madam Mia, who is he?" Weldon was absolutely flabbergasted by Rocky's display of skills in beast evaluation. Weldon and Carter shared a similar experience in learning the beast evaluation. The founder of the sect where Weldon learned his Beast Evaluation Skill was also a student of Sean's. He learned the Stroking Evaluation Skill from Sean, which was a relatively better skill than the Radiance Evaluation Skill.

"Ladies and gentlemen! This young man is Prince Basil!" As soon as Tobin heard Weldon, he immediately stood up and loudly announced to everyone.

When the others heard Tobin, their jaws almost fell to the floor. They had heard a lot about the famous Prince Basil. None of them had expected that Prince Basil was standing in front of their very eyes in that exact moment. Most of the people in the Wild Spirit Land knew the story; Prince Basil, who only reached the first grade of the Earthly Stage, won against Erica, the great talent from the Magic Phoenix Empire. All the people present had heard the story and knew how great Prince Basil was, but they were not aware that Prince Basil also had the talent for the beast evaluation.

Carter grew anxious as soon as he heard that the person in front of him was the famous Prince Basil. He hastily bowed down to Rocky and nervously stammered out, "I-I'm sorry, Your Royal Highness. Please forgive my offensive words and ill behaviour. P-please forgive a pathetic imbecile like me. How could I have been so stupid? I accept my failure. O-of course the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup still undoubtedly belongs to the Super Beast Farm. Now, if you'll allow me to leave now, Your Royal Highness. I-I have some urgent issues to deal with. Excuse me…" And with that, he fled away along with his men from the Rare Beast Farm at once.

Once Carter had left, the other beast evaluators bid their farewel

t power. He was not willing to let go of it just yet.

"I assume that within five years at most, I will ascend the throne and become the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire. As a matter of fact, I'm well prepared to be the emperor right now. Those young ministers in the imperial government have become my faithful supporters, but they are not qualified to be my reliable helpers. Priest Dean, you are a clever man. And it's your time to make your choice," Alston said.

"Your Royal Highness, you are the future emperor. No one can change that very fact. What are you worried about?" Priest Dean asked.

"Of course I know that. But which prince can resist the emperor's supreme power? I need to take into consideration any unexpected changes, and get rid of the ones who threaten my future! The other princes don't threaten my claim to the throne at all, except for him! The only way that would relieve my worries is his disappearance!" Alston pounded his fist on the armrest of his chair.

"Your Royal Highness, do you mean Prince Basil?" Priest Dean squinted his eyes. Of course, Priest Dean knew the answer. After all, Rocky had been famous as a talent recently. He had fused with the Holy Dragon Bead, the holy treasure of the Holy Dragon Empire. He had reached the Earthly Stage in mere two months, which was unprecedented. According to the royal rule, the prince who could fuse with the Holy Dragon Bead would also be qualified to be the future emperor. It was no wonder why Alston viewed Rocky as a threat.

"Please don't let that Basil bother you, Your Royal Highness. His Majesty has announced in public that you are the only candidate for the emperor. Basil is not a threat at all. You have nothing to worry about, Your Royal Highness," Priest Dean reassured Alston.

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