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   Chapter 99 The Legendary Magical Evaluation Skill

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At this point, it didn't occur to the onlookers that a level one beast evaluator would be able to display the two unique skills that the two well-known beast evaluators, who were regarded as grandmasters, had long mastered. It was an extremely shocking development. Had they not seen for themselves, they would never believe it was true.

What made them feel even more startled was that the young man had grasped two different kinds of Beast Evaluation Skills at the same time. Typically, it was very difficult for a beast evaluator to master one kind, let alone two different ones. Even grandmasters like Carter and Weldon couldn't do that. However, this young man had achieved an impossible thing. This was simply a wonder that was far beyond their expectations. As a result, most of them began to stare at Rocky with incredulous eyes, mixed feelings rushing through them. Presumably, the extraordinary talent of grasping two kinds of Beast Evaluation Skills alone could make him famous. Following this, many beast evaluators would scramble to invite him as their disciple. After all, his endowed talent was so rare, and it was hard to find a young man with such abilities.

Of course, the onlookers, who were still dumbfounded at that moment, didn't have the slightest idea that Rocky's Stroking Evaluation Skill was actually only one of the Magical Evaluation Skills that could be learned by a beast evaluator when he reached the second level. This was according to what was described in the Beast Encyclopedia. Like Carter's skill, Weldon's Stroking Evaluation Skill, which he regarded as an esoteric skill, was actually derived from the Magical Evaluation Skill as well.

At that exact moment, Rocky suddenly got up and burst into peals of laughter, which abruptly broke the dead silence.

Rocky's sudden laughter made the onlookers even more surprised, and they all looked at him with great confusion.

"What are you laughing at?" Carter immediately asked Rocky, totally perplexed.

"I am laughing because someone is going to miss the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup and feel disappointed," Rocky said confidently, looking teasingly at Carter. It was as if he had predicted the final outcome of the competition between them as earlier. They had agreed that if Rocky won, the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup would still belong to the Super Beast Farm.

When the onlookers heard Rocky's words, they thought instinctively, 'Maybe he really has found out something from the good-for-nothing spirit-manipulated beast?' Now, they were even more curious about the final outcome of the competition.

"Hey, young man, don't be so cocky! I'd like to hear your comments about the hidden ability of this good-f

st, which we are unable to."

"What you said is not the most important thing! What's pivotal is the fact that the Magical Evaluation Skill is not a skill that everyone can learn. Anyone who wants to learn it must have very high talent and qualification, because it requires very profound knowledge to grasp it. In other words, only a genius would manage to do this! Although Sean had also accepted several people as his disciples, all his disciples were not talented enough to learn the Magical Evaluation Skill. Finally, they left Sean, established their own school and became famous beast evaluators. Even so, the Beast Evaluation Skill they created still could not be comparable to the Magical Evaluation Skill, and their gap is too far..."

They got so carried away that they were lost in their hot discussion. Although they still had difficulty believing what they had heard, they still had to. They had seen with their own eyes what Rocky had done, after all.

The long-lost Magical Evaluation Skill had reappeared! The implications of its resurrection would certainly soon create a huge storm among the entire Wild Spirit Land.

As soon as Carter heard the words "Magical Evaluation Skill", he was thunderstruck and then felt numb. After all, the founder of his school was one of Sean's disciples three hundred years ago. The founder hadn't even been able to grasp the Magical Evaluation Skill. Thus, after he learned a little bit from Sean, he left and started his own school. The little bit he learned from Sean was called the Radiance Evaluation Skill. And he then passed the little bit to his generations. Of course, this matter was the secret of his own school, which was known by only a select few. And now this young man, Rocky, was telling him that he had learned this impossible skill!

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