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   Chapter 98 A New Skill

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A loud chatter grew among the crowd. The beast evaluators found Mia's words utterly absurd, betting the Top Beast Evaluator's Cup and a great sum of money on a rookie beast evaluator who was only at the first grade. She even seemed to have great confidence that the rookie would be able to turn the tide towards her favour. For them, it was absolutely preposterous. They just cannot comprehend how Mia could suggest such a thing.

Mia's words also shocked Weldon. He wondered why Mia, who had always shown keen discernment and wise judgment in everything she did, would suddenly act so heedless today. It was a risky thing to do, supporting Rocky and risking ruining the reputation of the Super Beast Farm.

"Well, what do you think?" Rocky confidently challenged Carter as he crossed his arms and smiled. He regarded his knowledge about the spirit-manipulated beasts as his own little personal database. With all the information he had, he could enumerate a spirit-manipulated beast's qualities even without evaluating. He was not afraid of Carter at all because he was confident that his database would be definitely reliable.

"Since there is such a great disparity between your skills and my skills, if we compete according to the usual rules, people might think that my win would be a perverse one. So let's do it this way. I'll pick an infant spirit-manipulated beast. If you can correctly tell me what hidden skill the infant beast has, then you will be the winner. What do you think?" Carter said with a barely concealed evil smile. It seemed that the competition would not be as easy as he had just said.

"That easy?" Rocky was quite taken aback because what Carter had proposed was not a difficulty to him. He thought that Carter was underestimating his ability too much.

"Easy? Ha-ha, you will soon know that it's not easy at all." Carter gave Rocky a condescending sneer as he waved his arm, opening a gap in the air. A round figure emerged from the gap. It moved slowly and awkwardly, and then suddenly fell to the grou

lated beast's lack of any special features greatly confused Rocky.

Nevertheless, he still persisted and patiently evaluated it a few more times. To his dismay, he got the same results every time.

"What's the matter? You can't find out its hidden skills, can you? Ha-ha! I knew it! You were just bluffing. What a fraud." Carter laughed aloud as he saw the perplexed look on Rocky's face.

Rocky glowered at Carter and said, "Be patient. Just wait and see." A few moments later, his right hand shone brightly and he immediately stroked the spirit-manipulated beast.

Then there was a loud rumble.

A lightning suddenly struck the Super Beast Farm, illuminating the entire room for a brief moment.

"It's the Stroking Evaluation Skill!" Weldon suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Because the Beast Evaluation Skills differed between beast evaluators, it was easy to tell the difference in everyone's techniques. Weldon was able to immediately tell that the skill that Rocky used was unique to Weldon's master. It was the Beast Evaluation Skill that made Weldon famous around many empires.

Everyone was dumbfounded by what Weldon had said. They had seen Rocky use the Radiance Evaluation Skill that was exclusive to Carter, and now, they were seeing him use yet another evaluation skill—the Stroking Evaluation Skill that was exclusive to Weldon.

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