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   Chapter 97 The New Quality

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Nobody knew that Rocky's confidence actually came from the detailed information of the Sirius Lion he read in the Beast Encyclopedia. He compared it with Carter's evaluation and found that the Beast Encyclopedia had one more quality listed on it that Carter hadn't mentioned.

That one particular quality was so unusual that even Carter, an experienced beast evaluator, was not able to figure it out. The others' capabilities were all inferior to Carter's, so they all supported his evaluation.

Unbeknownst to them, Carter would always cheat in every chance he got, which was why they were no match for him. However, Carter had no advantage against Rocky, who knew the Beast Encyclopedia thoroughly by heart.

Since none of the beast evaluators could identify the quality, Rocky thought that it would be unconvincing if he were to just tell them, so he decided to display it before them.

Thus, under the watchful eyes of the beast evaluators, Rocky entered the cage. He looked around and sat cross-legged in front of the Sirius Lion. He then commenced with the Magical Evaluation Skill. A triangular light immediately emerged at the Sirius Lion's feet and ascended. At this point, different lights representing its qualities appeared.

All the beast evaluators looked at each other in astonishment. They were stunned because it turned out that the Beast Evaluation Skill that Rocky used was the same as Carter's.

"That's the Radiance Evaluation Skill... Why does he know the Beast Evaluation Skill of my master?" Carter's face grew serious as he recognized the Beast Evaluation Skill that Rocky was using. It mainly followed the same pattern of his Beast Evaluation Skill that he learned from his master. The only difference was that Rocky directly applied the Radiance Evaluation Skill while he, on the other hand, was prone to using the Eight-trigram Mirror as a medium for it. By contrast, it now seemed as if Rocky was more skillful than he was in the display of the Radiance Evaluation Skill. As for Carter, he couldn't generate the Radiance Evaluation Skill without the assistance of the Eight-trigram Mirror.

Though Carter represented the Rare Beast Farm, he learned the exquisite skills of beast evaluation from a reputable master. The Radiance Evaluation Skill was the skill that was incredibly unique to his master and his master's disciples. It made use of the lights of qualities to evaluate spirit-manipulated beasts. Therefore, Car

meet Rocky's. She knew Rocky had confidence in his evaluation.

Hearing that, the crowd turned and looked at Carter. It seemed that the Super Beast Farm was very confident, even going as far as to invite Priest Dean, the top beast evaluator of the Holy Dragon Empire, to judge the evaluation. If it were otherwise, they wouldn't have taken the risk.

Carter grew pale. He had heard of the great reputation of Priest Dean of the Holy Dragon Empire. The man was one of the rare unmatched beast evaluators in the entire Wild Spirit Land. If Priest Dean made the arbitration, he would undoubtedly lose. Thus, having felt that the situation was against him, he immediately said to Rocky with false kindness, "Don't bother. We can settle this with a rematch. If you lose, the Super Beast Farm should hand over the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup."

"Madam Mia, I'm afraid that is not the proper way. Technically speaking, Rocky doesn't really belong to the Super Beast Farm. We have already lost a match. If we lose again, we will make ourselves the laughing stock," Weldon anxiously said, already concerned about the worst outcome. Theoretically, as a beast evaluator at the first grade, Rocky couldn't possibly be able to rival Carter.

Thinking of the possible result mentioned by Weldon, Mia also grew a little worried. However, when she looked up and met Rocky's eyes, she was shocked by his insistence and confidence. Thus, in spite of herself, she announced, "Alright. Rocky will represent the Super Beast Farm. If we lose again, aside from the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup, we will give you ten thousand gold coins as our apology."

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