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   Chapter 96 Losing The Contest

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When the dumpty summoned his Beast Evaluation Skill, all the beast evaluators around him began murmuring among themselves. They were apprehensive because all of them had been defeated by that skill earlier. Obviously, that Beast Evaluation Skill was a brilliant one.

"Is it the Radiance Evaluation Skill?" For some reason, Rocky felt familiar with the Beast Evaluation Skill which that dumpty summoned. The skill was quite similar to the Magical Evaluation Skill written in the book, Beast Encyclopedia. Both the skills depended on the light reflected from a spirit-manipulated beast to tell its quality. That kind of Beast Evaluation Skill was called the "Radiance Evaluation Skill" in that book.

The Radiance Evaluation Skill was a basic one compared to the other evaluation skills in that book. Only when his cultivation reached a higher grade, he would be qualified to learn more about high-graded evaluation skills.

The evaluation skills written in that book contained almost every aspect of beast evaluation, which outdid any other Beast Evaluation Skill.

The Beast Evaluation Skill which the dumpty summoned was also overshadowed by the evaluation skills that were written in the book.

Weldon frowned deeply as he saw the dumpty start his evaluation. The rule for the contest was quite simple. The beast evaluator, who could tell about a spirit-manipulated beast's star rating and quality the fastest and the most accurately, would win the game. The speed and accuracy revealed how great a beast evaluator was. An excellent beast evaluator would be able to tell the accurate star rating and quality of a spirit-manipulated beast in a matter of minutes.

Worrying that the Super Beast Farm would lose the contest, Weldon joined the game as well. As a bright light flashed around his left hand, he put his left hand on the cub and stroked its body. A smile crept over the corner of his lips soon. It had hardly taken him time and he already knew the cub's star rating and quality.

However, the dumpty announced the result of his evaluation even before Weldon opened his mouth. The man exclaimed, "A four-star Sirius Lion, number fifty six on the Spiritual Beast List. It's famous for its lightning speed. In a blink of an eye, it can run hundreds of meters..."

After the dumpty finished his detailed evaluation report, the beast evaluators on the spot gave him thunderous applause. All of them were stunned by the dumpty's evaluation. It was clear that they had accepted the fact that this man was going to defeat all of them. He had won against Weldon too, who was a grade

l the missing detail in your evaluation result, the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup will still belong to the Super Beast Farm. Agree?" Rocky said confidently.

"You really think highly of yourself, young man! Fine! I accept your challenge! I don't know your relationship with these people, but I'm sure that you are doing this for the Super Beast Farm. How about this, dude? If you lose to me, I will not only get the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup but also an apology from you. You have to kneel down and kowtow before me to show your sincerity." Carter, obviously, had been infuriated by Rocky and he felt humiliated. How could he accept that a young man like Rocky stood up to question him, a grade seven beast evaluator?

"Deal!" Rocky said, raising his eyebrow.

"Madam Mia!" Tobin exclaimed with concern. He was worried that if Rocky lost the game, he would have to apologize to Carter. Rocky was a prince. What would the royal family think if they came to know that a prince kowtowed to a civilian because of a bet? What a humiliation it would be for the royal family!

"It's fine! Don't worry about it." That bet was not going to be harmful for the Super Beast Farm. The Super Beast Farm had lost the contest anyway. Even if Rocky failed, the Super Beast Farm just needed to hand over the Top Beast Evaluator's Jade Cup. Mia was eager now. She wanted to see what made Rocky special. Was he really talented or just extremely lucky?

The others who heard Rocky, sneered at him and shot sarcastic looks. They thought of Rocky as a hopeless idiot and kept wondering why he was making a fool of himself. They couldn't understand why he was being so irresponsible and how dare he to challenge a grade seven beast evaluator!

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