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   Chapter 95 Beast Evaluation Competition

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The shadow that punched a big hole through the iron plate was actually the tail of the beast. The soft tail suddenly stiffened like a sharp and long stick. It was hard enough to punch a big hole through the iron plate in an instant. Even a three-star spirit-manipulated beast would have a hard time doing that.

The beast evaluators were surprised by its hidden ability. Apparently, they had realized that they made a mistake in their evaluation. The spirit-manipulated beast had a special ability that they were not able to foresee.

Seeing Rocky prove that his speculation was right, Mia smiled in admiration but tried her best to hide her emotions.

"This beast is very strong. I want it so bad. Five thousand gold coins!" one of the customers near them immediately bid for the beast as soon as they saw the strong power it possessed.

"This beast has the potential to be at least a three-star spirit-manipulated beast. Seven thousand gold coins!"

"Ten thousand gold coins!"

The price began to rise very quickly. Every time someone called a higher price, the beast evaluators' faces grew longer and longer.

Until finally, a man won the bid with fifteen thousand gold coins and got the beast.

The beast evaluators who reeked of arrogance earlier suddenly wore their straight faces. They were so embarrassed that their beast evaluation ability was lower than a beast evaluator at the first grade. But they did not believe that a beast evaluator at the first grade could be more skillful than them, knowing that they were all at the fourth grade.

"It was nothing more than a lucky guess," one of the beast evaluators shouted as he pointed at Rocky.

Rocky smiled calmly and said, "Are you still not convinced?"

The beast evaluators looked at each other as they were all left speechless.

At that moment, someone rushed towards them and whispered to Tobin. Whatever that person said made his face turn serious.

"Is there something wrong?" Mia immediately asked Tobin as she saw the serious look on his face.

"Do you remember that time last month when I reported to you that we would hold a beast evaluation competition this month? I told you that many beast evaluating masters from the top beast farms and beast evaluating families of different countries would join the competition. That competition was set to be held today. I thought you wouldn't be available to come so I did not inform you ahead of time. Now, what I did was I asked Mr. Weldon t

st, it already had a strong momentum. Its face resembled a lion's face while its legs were as long as a wolf's. With its strong body, sharp teeth and claws, Rocky could tell that it was not an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast.

At that moment, there were two people in the cage walking around the baby spirit-manipulated beast to observe it very carefully. One of them was over sixty years old with white hair and beard. His eyes were very sharp. He emitted the smell of a spirit manipulator at the higher grades of the Heavenly Stage. The other one in a long robe was dumpy and was about forty years old with a handlebar mustache. He rubbed his mustache as he walked slowly around the beast to inspect it with his sharp eyes.

"Did the competition already begin?" Mia asked as she looked at the cage. The older one in the cage was Weldon who represented the Super Beast Farm, a famous beast evaluator at the seventh grade from the Holy Dragon Empire. His status in beast evaluating could be compared to the status of General Marcia in beast manipulating.

The other beast evaluators who were watching the competition around the two of them were also from different top beast farms, beast evaluating families, and sects. Mia and Rocky could tell from the looks they had on their faces that they had all lost.

The dumpty suddenly took out an Eight-trigram Mirror. He bit his thumb and wrote something on the surface of the mirror with his blood. He then placed the mirror closer to the baby spirit-manipulated beast. The baby spirit-manipulated beast immediately reflected light back into the Eight-trigram Mirror which then reflected different light.

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