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   Chapter 94 Shocked To The Core

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Standing right next to Mia, Rocky grinned, thinking he was lucky not to be rejected by Mia like she did to these men.

"You guys carry on......" Bummed out, Mia gestured at the beast evaluators, asking them to continue.

Without a care, they continued with the evaluation on the spirit-manipulated beast that was just brought in, applying their best techniques to impress Mia.

The quality of this spirit-manipulated beast was to be determined entirely by the comments of these beast evaluators. The better the comments, the higher their price. Some high-end farm like the Super Beast Farm had applied for a higher standard of scrutiny. They had requested the beast evaluators to grade each and every quality of the spirit-manipulated beast before revealing the evaluation result to the customers. A single error could damage their reputation. Most high-end farms would hire beast evaluators above the fourth grade. This was so that they'd be able to discern every quality of a four-star spirit-manipulated beast.

As each beast evaluator usually applied different Beast Evaluation Skills, there could be discrepancies between the result of different beast evaluators. This was why it normally took no less than two beast evaluators to grade one spirit-manipulated beast.

The Super Beast Farm strictly upheld this standard. They always requested a couple of beast evaluators to grade a spirit-manipulated beast at the same time in order to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the report.

It was the first time Rocky was seeing other beast evaluators working with their own Beast Evaluation Skills. He saw them walking around the spirit-manipulated beast to gain an overview. They inspected it both visually and physically. They concentrated their spiritual power in their hands or eyes, which was a completely different method than the Magical Evaluation Skill that Rocky had learnt.

He didn't know beast evaluators had a bit of a history themselves. The Magical Evaluation Skill was way beyond comparison.

Before long the beast evaluators gave their comments about the star level and quality of these beasts. They conferred with each other and gave the final judgment.

"We give this spirit-manipulated beast two stars. It has the quality of...... and it is good at...... It would be worth a thousand gold coins." The Super Beast Farm set the price for the beasts based on the star level and quality that the beast evaluators gave them. The moment they gave their verdict, the beast would be on sale.

Buyers from all around the world would then consider the price and bid accordingly. And the rest took place like a regular auction. The spirit-manipulated beast that had just been graded was sold at two thousand golden coins at last.

Another beast was brought onto the stage after the first one was sold. It too, was evaluated and sold through the same process.

In a short span o

ou to negate our result? We are all tier-one beast evaluators in the Holy Dragon Empire. How can our evaluation method be less accurate than that of a first-grade beast evaluator like you?"

"Damn right it can," Rocky responded coldly.

The atmosphere was growing intense.

"Madam, this..." Tobin turned to Mia.

Mia remained quiet as she saw Rocky standing in disagreement with the beast evaluators. She was still trying to digest the fact that Rocky knew Beast Evaluation Skill. And now he was negating the results of these professional beast evaluators? She wanted to know if he meant it or was just fooling around.

"Well, why don't you share your result before talking about negating ours?" The beast evaluators didn't for a second believe that Rocky could actually pull off something like this.

"I don't need to say anything anymore. I will just show you," Rocky smiled lightly and turned to Tobin. "Could you fetch me an iron plate?"

"Iron plate?" For a second, Tobin froze, then asked someone to get an iron plate, which was about a centimeter thick and weighed ten to fifteen kilograms. It had to be carried by two men.

"Will this do?" Tobin asked, pointing to the plate.

"That's perfect," Rocky smiled. The Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm flashed as he unleashed his dragon spiritual power. He grabbed the iron plate with one hand and sized it up before suddenly throwing at the spirit-manipulated beast. The iron plate reached it within a split second.

Everyone was astonished. The plate was very heavy. How could Rocky, who was at the Earthly Stage, throw it on his own? It would also be too much for that weak spirit-manipulated beast to withstand it.

Just as everyone thought it was going to become a meat pie, a shadow flashed and penetrated the iron plate!

Everyone gasped together, dumbfounded at the spectacle. Once they got a clear view of the shadow, they were all shocked to the core.

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