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   Chapter 93 Mysterious Evaluation

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"Master Mia, why did you suddenly come to the Super Beast Farm?" Rocky turned around and looked at Mia, waiting for her explanation.

Mia just stared at Rocky without saying anything. She then went straight into the Super Beast Farm.

"Huh. Why the cold shoulder?" Rocky murmured as he curled his lip in dissatisfaction, following her into the farm.

Rocky was mesmerized once he entered the farm. He never imagined that the Super Beast Farm was so huge and that many people visited it. However, he did not see any stables anywhere. What he did see were numerous rooms inside the building. There was a signage above the door of each room, reading low-grade beast evaluation, middle-grade beast evaluation, ability test and so no. Overall, the place seemed to be very professional.

A middle-aged man soon approached them. He looked like he was the one in charge of the farm.

"Madam Mia!" The middle-aged man bowed down to show his respect.

"What? Madam Mia?" Rocky gave Mia a very surprised look. He realized that he did not really know much about Mia. He only knew that Mia was an instructor in the dragon field.

"Pardon me, Madam Mia, but who is he?" The middle-aged man was even more surprised than Rocky. In all the years that he had known Mia, he had never seen her allow a strange man to follow her. Telling from Rocky's expression, he was also surprised to find that this strange man even did not know a lot about Mia.

"He's Basil, the little prince of the Holy Dragon Empire," Mia replied plainly.

"Oh! Prince Basil! The spirit manipulator who had defeated several phoenix spirit manipulators one after another during the Dragon Birth Festival! The one who defeated the most powerful phoenix spirit manipulator who was at the ninth level of the Heavenly Stage!" the midd

Spirit Land, the management of spirit-manipulated beasts in the Super Beast Farm was as excellent as that of modern society. Everything was top-notch.

"Madam Mia, these are the spirit-manipulated beasts that arrived at our farm yesterday. A few beast evaluators are going to evaluate them soon. Do you want to see?" Tobin had finally come back down to earth and appeared behind the two. He seemed to be more composed than his earlier state.

Mia nodded at him in response.

Tobin then led them to a large stable on the right side of the field where a few beast evaluators were already waiting, ready to evaluate a new spirit-manipulated beast. Several customers who were interested in the spirit-manipulated beast were standing around the beast evaluators, eagerly waiting for the results.

When the beast evaluators saw Mia, they all bowed down at once. Most of the customers were men, all of whom looked very rich. They seemed to know Mia as their faces lit up when they saw her. They were already thinking up of compliments and several other flattering words. But when Mia shot them a disinterested glare, they immediately stopped in their tracks, heads hanging dejectedly on their shoulders.

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