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   Chapter 92 Go Out With Mia (Part Two)

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"Not a soon-to-be, I already am. I just signed the royal marriage contract back in the Grand Holy Hall. You are now looking at a married man. Master Mia, do you feel sorry for yourself? That you have never taken the advantage to confess your love to me while I was still under your training?" Rocky could not help but tease her.

"What? You really are a naive young man. You are definitely not my type." Mia showed her indifferent pride as she always did.

"Oh, that hurts. But I have to tell you that you are a thousand times lovelier than that Shirley! I could only see her as a tomboy no matter how hard I tried to like her." Rocky shook his head and lamented to Mia.

As the gloomy Rocky poured out his woes, Mia could not help but cover her mouth and laugh. Rocky's face looked just exactly like a resentful man who walked in on his girlfriend kissing another guy.

"Is any of this funny to you?" Rocky glared in slight anger. But his anger did not last very long. On the contrary, he worried about Mia's wound. "Have you recovered from your wounds?"

"Yes, certainly. It had recovered long ago," Mia replied.

"Then, wouldn't you want to do something to thank me for saving your life? Maybe you would want to go out on a date with me or something? Just to show your gratitude of being saved by me," Rocky crossed his arms and teased interestingly as he looked into Mia's eyes. He knew Mia would not agree to go out with him. It was all talk.

But Mia did hesitate for a second. She rolled her eyes and replied surprisingly, "Alright, I was planning to go somewhere. Since you are so bored, then I wouldn't mind if yo

er walks of life had few chances to see such a majestic creature. It could even be the very first time for some of them.

When Mia got off the Scarlet Flame Dragon, a greater disturbance was aroused. Almost all the men in the area were mesmerized by the mere sight of her. The scarce dragon and her beauty were the best eye-catchers.

In contrast, as Rocky followed Mia to descend from the Scarlet Flame Dragon, he was envied by all men. One of the obvious reasons was that he rode the same Scarlet Flame Dragon together with Mia. They all began to see him as their enemy.

However, Rocky did not care about the way the other people looked at him. He raised his head to observe the grand architecture in front of them. He found that "Super Beast Farm" was impressively written on the board that was suspended high up on the building.

"So this must be the famous Super Beast Farm. I finally had the chance to see it with my own eyes." He heard about the famous Super Beast Farm the last time he sneaked out to study. He had always intended to visit but his chance was ruined by Uriah.

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