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   Chapter 91 Go Out With Mia (Part One)

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Shirley stood hesitantly in front of the royal marriage contract. She actually did not want to marry, not to mention that she despised the man she was going to marry. But it was a political marriage which was vital to secure the position of the Ximen Clan. The fate of the whole Clan was now tightly connected to her marriage. If she refused to sign the royal marriage contract, it would be equivalent to defying the imperial order. Shirley understood the situation and felt very disturbed. She was stuck in a dilemma.

"Shirley..." Bryant who stood beside Shirley could tell that his granddaughter was hesitating so he reminded her immediately. As much as he did not want to sacrifice his granddaughter's marriage for political purposes, he had no other choice but to accept this royal marriage contract to marry Shirley to Rocky because it would be the only way Shirley could ever succeed in leading the Ximen Clan. Otherwise, without the support from the royal family, it would be very difficult for Shirley to do that. They did not seem to have any other choice. All in all, it was a win-win marriage. On one hand, to the royal family, this contract could serve as a way to keep their eyes on the Ximen Clan. On the other, Bryant wanted to clear the way for his granddaughter to succeed the Ximen Clan through the support of the royal family. Both parties would get what they need out of this contract. Without a doubt, it was beneficial to both parties.

"Don't worry. I know what I have to do." Shirley knew her grandfather was urging her to finish the signature. She pouted then signed her name on the royal marriage contract with her beautiful penmanship.

The two royal marriage contracts were switched between Rocky and Shirley. Their signatures were then requested on each contract one final time.

out him. Mia who was supervising the drill at the moment wondered who was there to grab her spotlight. So she looked towards the same direction as the young men did.

"What is he doing in here?" Mia was surprised to see that the guy was Rocky because she was there when the emperor ordered the marriage for Rocky and Shirley. She reckoned that as a soon-to-be son-in-law of the Ximen Clan, he must be busy preparing plenty of things and should not have the time to wander around.

"Resume what you are doing..." Mia scolded the young men before she approached Rocky.

Having seen Mia walking straight towards him, Rocky pursed his mouth and smiled to himself.

"What are you doing in here, Your Royal Highness..." Mia intentionally emphasized the 'Royal Highness' in order to tease him for his ascendance to the royal family.

"Nothing in particular. I was just too bored to go elsewhere. Am I no longer allowed in here?" Rocky could not help but smile at Mia.

"How do you still have the time to feel bored? I know that you are going to be the son-in-law of the Ximen Clan. You should be as busy as a bee," Mia discerned there was something odd in how Rocky looked so she asked in confusion.

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