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   Chapter 90 A Deal Was Made

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Everyone in the Grand Holy Hall was surprised by what Rocky had said. They all then contested for a closer look at Shirley. What happened next amused all of them.

"I will kill you..." Feeling that all eyes were glued to her, Shirley immediately flushed with anger. All she could think about after was how she would kill Rocky. The reason why she wore her loose clothes was because she didn't like being girly. But now, she dressed more like an ordinary girl.

"Basil, you don't have to be so rude," The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire signaled Rocky to stop.

"Behave yourself, Shirley. His Royal Highness was only playing a joke with you," Bryant reproached Shirley. In the Grand Holy Hall, everyone must always show respect to the emperor.

Shirley rolled her eyes at Rocky while in response, Rocky shrugged his shoulders and deliberately surveyed her for a while. Shirley's insides were boiling with rage but she knew she couldn't do anything about it.

"General Bryant should already know about the matter of arranged marriage, right?" The emperor was certain that Bryant had already been informed about it. He was asking to remind Bryant.

"Yes, I have been told about this matter. The Ximen Clan is deeply indebted to the royalty for all those years." Bryant responded quickly and submissively.

"So it means that…" The emperor stared at Bryant as he awaited his confirmation.

"I totally agree. Being handsome and fused with the Holy Dragon Bead, His Royal Highness will definitely become the new foundation of the royal family. It's truly fortunate for Shirley to have such a royal marriage," Bryant replied in an unusually sedate tone.

"I will dump him the moment we get married." Although Bryant had already agreed on the arranged royal marriage, Shirley still couldn't suppress her anger and talked back without thinking.

At th

to prepare the marriage as soon as possible. Today was a good day, so let Basil and Shirley sign the royal marriage deal now." Bryant's oral agreement was not enough to guarantee the deal so the emperor started to carry out his backup plan. If he got Bryant to sign the deal, both sides would be closely tied together and their relationship would be strengthened even more. Another good day would be picked for the wedding to take place, and then it will all be settled.

Bryant was not surprised at all because he knew exactly what kind of person the emperor was. The emperor would never hesitate to go for what he wants especially regarding royal matters.

"This is the best arrangement, Your Majesty." Bryant delivered a tactful response.

The emperor nodded with satisfaction on his face as an acknowledgement of Bryant's stance. Soon, two maids came in with the royal marriage deal and a red pen. They went towards Basil and Shirley.

Seeing the deal was approaching him, Rocky turned to face Lena who had been gazing at him. They kept their silence for a while until Lena nodded in agreement. Rocky sighed quietly and then turned to face Shirley. Helplessly, he grabbed the pen and wrote his name on the deal without any hesitation.

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