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   Chapter 89 Gorgeous Beauty

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'Who is he?' Rocky couldn't help wondering about that man's true identity. At the same time, his eyes fell on another figure. He was immediately fascinated by her beauty and great charm. Her delicate snow-white face for some reason gave her an arrogant look. She had an attractive nose, higher than that of a mixed-blood beauty. The nose was high up in the air, just as haughty as its owner's proud look at the moment. The woman had a royal temperament.

It was funny for Rocky never expected that the girl whom he stood admiring was none other than Shirley.

Moreover, the man standing next to Shirley was her grandfather, Bryant.

Shirley noticed Rocky's admiring gaze at her. She didn't like to wear women's clothes as she felt very uncomfortable in them. With great reluctance she had worn it. But now when she was being stared at, by eyes full of desire, she was annoyed and could no longer bear it.

Shirley immediately glared at Rocky with her beautiful eyes. Of course, she was not aware that the man gazing at her was the most hated prince, the useless waste, who was worthless in her eyes.

Neither of them recognized each other.

Glared by Shirley, Rocky immediately turned away his eyes. He pretended as if he was watching Bryant and Shirley enter the Grand Holy Hall surrounded by a group of guards. Yet, all the time, he kept wondering about the true identity of that gorgeous beauty. When they had moved ahead, he quietly followed them. He stayed close and continued to walk towards the Grand Holly Hall.

In the Grand Holy Hall, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was still sitting on his dragon throne, while Lena was sitting on the lower left side. Priest Dean, Alston, several other princes as well as all the ministers of the Holy Dragon Empire had also gathered in the hall.

When Bryant and Shirley stepped into the hall, everyone immediately looked at them. They first looked at Bryant and the next instant their eyes fell on Shirley who was beside him. Evidently, everyone was attracted by her stunning beauty. Several princes became extremely excited. They began to fantasize about romantic love affairs with her.

All the people, including the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, wore a surprised look. They couldn't help wondering whose daughter she was. 'Why did she come with Bryant?' they thought to themselves.

Obviously, almost everyone in the hall did not realize that the gorgeous beauty was none other than Shirley. Shirley, who was dressed in feminine clothes, had completely changed herself into another person.

The only person who showed gr

Ximen Clan!' However, he wondered why he could not find Shirley, his prospective fiancee. Why didn't she show up?

"As the saying goes, if you haven't seen someone for a long time, you should look at him with new eyes when you two have a reunion. It's surprising that Prince Basil has become such a fine-looking person as well as a royal spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage." If he hadn't seen with his own eyes, Bryant would never have believed that the rumor about Basil was indeed true. Bryant had seen him earlier a few times. He had the impression that Basil was as weak as a useless prince. Now, however, the man in front of him was completely different. It was beyond his expectation that those changes took place within two months only.

"I cannot believe it! He is the one whom all regarded as a usele... Basil!" It was quite difficult for Shirley to accept the truth.

"Miss Shirley, I remember that you used to wear men's clothing, but now you are wearing women's clothing. Since you have changed a lot, why don't you believe that Basil too has become a totally new person!" Lena stared at Shirley with her beautiful eyes.

"Miss Shirley? Are you really Shirley Ximen?" Upon hearing Lena's words, Rocky carefully looked at Shirley. He looked surprised. His eyes moved up and down, from head to toe. He had really not been able to recognize her at first glance. How come? Shirley had unexpectedly changed from a tomboy to a gorgeous beauty.

"Hmm!" Shirley glared at Rocky with great pride.

"It's really strange, I remember, last time you used to look neither like a woman nor a man. I suppose that you suddenly..." Rocky immediately noticed Shirley's surprised expressions, wondering what had happened to her.

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