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   Chapter 88 Strong Momentum

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"He really pissed me off. Tomorrow, I have to tell him that I won't marry Shirley. I'd like to see if he will try and demote me again," knowing he had been used, Rocky felt so angry towards the emperor. He was not the kind of person who was willing to be pushed around.

"No, you cannot do that. Didn't you just give me your word?" Lena said solemnly as she shook her head.

"I am not the old Basil anymore. I won't allow anyone to just push me around," Rocky answered confidently.

"You are not powerful enough to disobey His Majesty. If you do, there will be grave consequences. Everything that you possess will be taken away including the power of the Holy Dragon Bead. If that happens, you will be left with nothing at all. No one will be able to protect you, not even me," Lena said very seriously.

Rocky fell into silence because he could clearly tell that Lena was not kidding judging by the stern look she had on her face.

"I know you are not the old Basil anymore and I know you don't want to be pushed around by others. You have already proven to everyone that you are not a loser but that would not be enough. With the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, you have to climb your way to a higher position. Only then will you have enough power to get rid of all your constraints," Lena said as she tightly held Rocky's hands.

"A higher position..." Rocky's face also grew solemn.

"Yes. There is no doubt that you are an impeccable talent after all these things. No other spirit manipulator's gifts could compare with yours in the entire Wild Spirit Land in all ages, not to mention the dragon spiritual power that you acquired from the Holy Dragon Bead. With these advantages, as long as you continue to work hard, you will definitely become the strongest in the Holy Dragon Empire or even in the entire Wild Spirit Land. No one could ever stand a chance against you. When the time comes, you will get everything you want. You

it, he muttered jealously, "Good for you. Not knowing anything but to eat and sleep without any annoyances. You are living more like a prince than I am." Two maids then were called to clean him up and dress him in fancy robes that showed his identity as a prince again. After breakfast, Rocky got into the carriage and headed for the Grand Holy Hall.

He took off at the gate and walked across the square towards the Grand Holy Hall. All of a sudden, he sensed that an amazingly strong momentum of spiritual power was surging towards him. He suddenly felt distress in his chest as the Dragon Spirit Mark in his hand twinkled as if it was resonating with something unknown. He immediately looked up and saw two figures walking towards him from the other side of the square of the Grand Holy Hall. They were escorted by a group of guards.

Rocky took a closer look on the two figures and found that they were a man and a woman. The man was about forty to fifty years old, tall, and very strong. His momentum was very overwhelming that people couldn't help but stare at him. What was more, he could tell that this man's spiritual power was stronger than Marcia's which meant he was at a higher grade than she was. And he was sure that the power he was sensing was coming from the man and not the woman.

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