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   Chapter 87 The Emperor's Purpose

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Lena and Rocky were strolling down the banks of the river in the moonlight. A soft breeze fanned them gently when it grew too humid. As they walked, they saw many people float boat lanterns down the river, on which their wishes were written.

Lena looked back at Rocky, pursed her lips and then led him towards the edge of the bank. It seemed that something was weighing heavily on her mind.

Rocky quietly observed her as she bought a boat lantern from a peddler. She tucked her hair behind her ear and began writing something on its side.

"Are you making a wish?" Rocky came nearer. "Don't you dare sneak a look!" Lena instantly hid the boat lantern behind her back.

"Oh, come on! It can't be anything that serious," Rocky said curiously. Lena seemed to be too protective of it.

"Please buy me a festive lantern over there. Make sure it's the most beautiful one." Lena took a silver coin from her waist pocket and tucked it into Rocky's left hand. Then she nudged his elbow. Glancing back at her, Rocky shrugged his shoulders and went off to fulfill her request.

When Rocky came back from buying a colorful lantern, he saw Lena standing at the riverbank, watching the boat lanterns flowing through the river in front of her. She looked rather morose and bitter.

'What has happened to Lena?' Rocky wondered to himself and approached her.

Looking earnestly into his eyes, Lena said seriously, "Basil, I have something to say…"

"Yes?" Rocky nodded his head in reply. 'Is she going to declare her undying love for me?' Rocky thought to himself.

Lena walked down along the bank of the river, Rocky closely following her. A few minutes later, they had reached a row of willow trees. A cool breeze from the river fanned their robes languidly.

"Basil, please keep in mind what I told you today, because I won't say it a second time. I would never dare ask for something which is out of your reach. But today you must agree to one thing," Lena told Rocky seriously. Her eyes were sparkling with love and passion, her face glowing in the moonlight.

"Just say the word, Lena. I am willing to put my life on the line every day for you. I would even agree to one hundred things!" Rocky swore, expressing his loyalty.

"You don't need to say that. All you have to do is to take care of yourself, since you are going to be the son-in-law of Ximen Clan. And you will become an independent man of virtue. You need to stand tall and never back down. But first of all, please do take care of yourself!" Lena said, her voice trembling, as she ga

ty offered one of them in marriage, Bryant would decline it under the pretext of the groom not being suitable and strong enough. Bryant would never subject his granddaughter to that," Lena explained simply, frowning. "You had fused the force of the Holy Dragon Bead in the ritual, and His Majesty was filled with hope for your potential. That's exactly why His Majesty allowed you to be trained at the dragon field, in the capacity of a royal spirit manipulator. Otherwise, at that time, His Majesty would have stripped you of your prince's rights along with the force of the Holy Dragon Bead!"

"It's very clear that His Majesty reinstated my title solely for the purpose of containing the Ximen Clan. What a crafty plan!" Rocky laughed coldly, shaking his head. He had entertained the idea that perhaps the emperor was merely conscience-driven and was missing him. But the fact showed that Rocky himself was foolishly sentimental.

"If you hadn't reached the level of the Earthly Stage… If you hadn't fused the force of the Holy Dragon Bead in your body… It's a great pity that things have happened this way, Basil. I thought that perhaps His Majesty reinstated your prince-hood for the sake of your mother. But when he decided to call for an arranged marriage for you and Shirley, I finally figured out that all his motivations were solely for the purpose of containing the major clan forces. After all, as an emperor, His Majesty has to give top priority to the overall situation and the overall interests of the Holy Dragon Empire!" Lena said sadly, her eyes shining with tears. This very reason was precisely why she had given an implicit warning to Rocky not to act recklessly, as she knew his tendencies.

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