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   Chapter 86 Date With Lena

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Rocky, who was cultivating in his room, suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up. All the spiritual power around him glinted like bright stars in the sky. He then hastily flew out of his room and landed on the ground outside. His palms moved the same way leaves flutter in the wind. The spiritual power that sparkled around him soon transformed into a glowing sphere, looking like a miniature universe that he held in his hands. He threw the glowing sphere to the ground, letting it roll away like a bowling ball.

The spiritual power of the Earthly Stage spun around the sphere.

Boom! Several streaks of spiritual power burst out from the sphere with a loud bang. Black smoke instantly filled the air. Once all of the smoke cleared away, Rocky's eyes were greeted with dozens of cracks and crevices on the ground caused by the strike.

"Wow! The Nebula Rolling Strike is absolutely amazing! I just exerted ten percent of my strength, but its strike was still very powerful! If I had used my full power, it possibly would have bored a huge hole on the ground!" As Rocky shut off his dragon spiritual power, the Dragon Spirit Mark around his left arm also stopped glowing. He looked at the cracks on the ground and felt satisfied. The strike he summoned was called Nebula Rolling Strike, a spiritual martial arts attack from the Vast Nebula Skill. Even though he just reached the Earthly Stage, he had already mastered the Vast Nebula Skill at such a shocking speed.

The loud noises attracted the attention of the imperial guards who were on patrol nearby and rushed to the scene at once. They were extremely alarmed to see several cracks on the ground and Rocky in the middle of it.

"Your Royal Highness, what happened? Are you all right?" one of the guards asked, eyes wide in shock.

"Don't worry! I'm fine. I was just practicing a new skill I just learned. Everything's fine here," Rocky reassured them and gave them a smile. He was suddenly reminded that he was in the Imperial Palace. He would not be able to do whatever he wanted as he did before in the bamboo grove in the dragon field.

The guards then began chattering among themselves.

"When did Prince Basil become so good? I remember that he had been so talentless before."

"Yeah! I've heard that he was even able to defeat a great master who is at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage during the Dragon Birth Festival!"

"So has the prince been concealing his true ability all along? Lucky for us, we've never offended him. Otherwise, we would be regretting it now."

Overhearing the guards' conversation, Rocky loudly cleared his throat. "Is there anything else you need here?" he asked, shooting them a glare.

The guards immediately panicked. They all then left hurriedly and went back to their jobs.

Rocky glanced up at the sky and saw that the sun was starting to set. The autumn breeze brushed his cheeks and the sun's afterglow was scattered across his face. His

here for you, my lady. Just remember to come back soon. Otherwise, your guards will find out about your disappearance and I might take the consequences for it," the woman said as she bowed to Lena.

"Don't worry about it, Randi. We won't be long," Lena reassured her with a smile. Lena then nodded at Rocky and walked to the crowded streets with him.

"That lady you called Randi is your...?" Rocky curiously asked.

"Randi is my servant who has been taking care of me since Consort Karen, your mother, passed away. She has been very kind to me and we are as close as sisters. I always call her Randi when it's just the two of us," Lena answered.

"What about your parents?" Rocky followed up.

Lena shook her head and smiled bitterly, "I don't even remember what they look like. I was sent to the imperial palace when I was just a little girl."

"Have you ever thought of trying to find them?" Rocky looked at Lena with sympathy.

"As the Witch of the Holy Dragon Empire, emotion is forbidden. We're isolated from our families. Even romantic entanglements aren't allowed. Otherwise, the ability that the Dragon Master Clan has given me would be affected. Many Witches have died alone, and that's also my destiny," Lena sighed, lowering her head.

"You're not allowed to love?" Rocky's brows knitted in befuddlement.

Lena slowly nodded.

"Then what if you meet someone you like?" Rocky raised one brow.

"Then I have to eliminate that emotion inside my heart." Lena looked at Rocky and pursed her lips.

"That's so ridiculous! Have you ever thought about giving up the position? You don't have to suffer that depressing fate!" Rocky complained.

"Ha-ha! Don't be so silly! Anyway, let's stop talking about this and just go enjoy the lantern show," Lena insisted. She was soon captivated by the beautiful lanterns and her face beamed with delight. On the other hand, Rocky could not get his mind off the cruel destiny that Lena was facing.

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