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   Chapter 85 Brewing Storm

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"His Majesty is arranging for someone to marry Shirley?" Bryant grew stern, his eyes growing cold as he heard this news. "Am I hearing this right? His Majesty is arranging for me to be married?" Shirley also became serious. She had heard long ago from her grandfather of this agreement. But she had been so small back then and everyone had tucked the matter away at the backs of their minds. The emperor was bringing up this issue out of blue now. She was at loss for how to feel.

"I remembered that Prince Alston is already set to marry someone. It should be the older daughter of the leader of Ji Clan. Shirley is to be the successor of the leader of Ximen Clan, which His Majesty has known for a long time. He should be more cautious with her marriage. No princes are even good enough for her besides Prince Alston, who is heir to the throne of the emperor," Bryant said loudly, frowning intimidatingly. His words were few, and yet his arrogance and aggressiveness were quite evident.

"That's the way things should have been! I can only wonder why His Majesty wants to arrange her marriage all of sudden..." The elders of Ximen Clan nodded their approval of Bryant's sentiments. Given the influence of their clan in the Holy Dragon Empire and the fact that Shirley was to become the future leader, Prince Alston was the only eligible match should the emperor want to marry her into the royal family.

But Prince Alston had already been engaged a couple of years ago, so there was no way the emperor would arrange for him to marry Shirley.

"Did His Majesty mention which of his princes?" Bryant shouted impatiently. He was eager to know who the emperor had in mind.

"It's His Majesty's younger son, Prince Basil." "Basil? Isn't he that imbecile prince who was only at the first grade of the Mortal Stage even after fusing with the Holy Dragon Bead? I heard that he had been stripped of his title. How could it be him? I thought he was no longer a prince?" Bryant looked confused.

"Him!? What! No! It can't be! I would rather die than marry him." A disgusting expression took over Shirley's face as she heard this news. She still nursed a grudge from their encounter when he had made fun of her figure. She gritted her teeth in anger.

"You have missed the Dragon Birth Festival. Had you seen what happened at the Festival, you would definitely think differently." said a whit

n ingenious plan by His Majesty," Bryant smiled coldly and grabbed the golden armrest on his chair, which deformed immediately under his power.

"General, what should we do now? Should we accept his proposal?" the elders asked.

"Grandfather, there is no way that I marry that nauseating punk!" Shirley's face contorted at the idea of wedding Basil. What a disgusting notion!

"Shirley, there is no time to fool around. We have to accept this proposal." Bryant knew from the bottom of his heart that his clan did not have a choice. After all, this had come from the emperor himself. Without sufficient reason, he still had to agree to it despite the fact that he was a general who was at the Immortal Stage. Otherwise, his whole clan and its future would be endangered.

"I--" Shirley still wanted to persuade him, but bit her tongue once he shot her a sharp look. "His Majesty will summon us tomorrow. Shirley, why don't you get back to rest now? And get rid of your boy's attires. A girl should wear a proper dress. After the engagement, you will be the fiancee of the prince. Do not disgrace the royal family and our clan," Bryant commanded icily.

"Grandfather..." Shirley still tried to protest, in disbelief that such a terrible thing could happen to her.

"Go now. I still have something that I need to discuss with the elders." Bryant waved her away. Shirley could only pout in protest and stood up to leave in frustration. Just as she was about to exit the room, she spat angrily, "If only Basil dies today! It would be best for all of us. Then there will be no engagement."

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