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   Chapter 83 Rocky's Strange Strength

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A war beast rushed to him quickly as soon as Rocky stepped into his chamber. He hadn't come back here for about two months.

"You're here!" Rocky looked happily at Uriah. He held him close and gently patted Uriah's head. He took him into the chamber.

"Look around! It's your new home now! You can sleep wherever you like," Rocky said to Uriah, showing him the room.

Uriah roared excitedly, as if in agreement. It ran toward the queen-size bed in the center of the chamber and leaped onto it at once.

"Goodness, you're enjoying yourself very much!" Rocky smiled at Uriah. He turned around and told maids to put down the emperor's rewards that they were still holding.

They followed his instructions and left the chamber after deeply bowing.

"Finally, I've come back! I have really learned a lot during these two months," Rocky said with a smile. He was understandably extremely proud of his success.

"Little boy, you're proud of your success?" a charming voice said from inside the room.

Rocky looked around the chamber in surprise. He had thought they were alone. A charming figure appeared beside him like a ghost. She looked at him with a proud expression on her beautiful face.

"The beautiful general?" Rocky frowned in surprise. It was Marcia standing next to him.

Yesterday, Marcia had left quite early after she had treated Rocky. But she was still concerned about him. She had returned to her own palace to see him, only then finding out that he had gone to the Grand Holy Hall. When she arrived at the Grand Holy Hall, she found out that he had been reinstated as a prince again. She had been waiting for Rocky in his chamber ever since.

"I am eternally grateful for your help!" Rocky said earnestly. He truly appreciated what she had done for him in the past day.

"It was nothing. Your life belongs to me. If others kill you easily, it will bring shame to me," Marcia grunted.

"It seems that my life isn't as important as your face," Rocky said with a forced smile as he shook his head.

"Your wounds

now?" Rocky smiled happily.

"Humph, don't be arrogant! You've just only reached the Earthly Stage and still have a long way to go. Cultivate the Vast Nebula Skill carefully. By the way, don't let others know that I have been here. Do you understand? Otherwise, you will..." Marcia stared at Rocky with a steely expression before promptly disappearing like a gust of wind.

"It seems that the beautiful general really likes threatening others." Rocky shuddered as though he were cold.

"Basil, who are you speaking to?" Lena asked, coming into the chamber.

Rocky turned around, shaking his head. With a smile on his face, he explained, "Uriah has occupied my bed. I am giving it a lecture now."

"You are so mean. Let Uriah sleep there in peace!" Lena looked at Uriah, grinning with joy to see the beast snoring contentedly.

"But I don't have a bed to sleep now. Can I sleep in yours?" Rocky quipped.

Lena rolled her eyes, not replying. She did not want to jeopardize their friendship, after all.

"Basil, I have heard that there will be a lantern show of the Dragon Birth Festival in the Imperial City. Do you want to go with me to see it?" Lena asked brightly, a smile on her lips. But there was a trace of bitter sadness in her eyes.

"All right! But isn't it difficult to get out of the Palace City?" he asked, knowing this fact from experience.

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