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   Chapter 82 Sacrifice

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"I do not agree with that as well. I would rather be a Buddhist monk than marry her!" Rocky didn't want to get married with Shirley at all. But if he was asked to marry Lena, he would be happy to say yes.

"The matter has already been settled. About the details of this marriage, I will discuss further with General Bryant at a later time. If the Ximen Clan showed their disagreement with the marriage, Basil would not get the land as well. That's the deal. Well, that should be all for today. You are all allowed to leave now. Send Prince Basil back to his place and take the gifts back with him." The emperor ignored Rocky's disagreement completely. He just glanced at Rocky and then waved at his servants gesturing for them to take Rocky back to his place.

Soon, the servants who took the gifts for Rocky walked towards him and got ready to lead him out of there.

"You head back first. I will come and see you later," Lena whispered as she walked past Rocky. She then nodded at the emperor and headed for the side door to walk out of the Grand Holy Hall.

The emperor got her intention. He cast a glance at Rocky and then walked to the side door as well.

When Rocky saw that, he had no other choice but to leave the Grand Holy Hall with the maids.

Lena and the emperor walked into a long corridor behind the side door where they soon reached a palace close to the Grand Holy Hall. They then went to a secret chamber inside that palace.

A dome formed by the Dragon Master Clan's spiritual method had covered the secret chamber so that nobody could hear whatever was being discussed inside the chamber. This chamber was usually used for discussing the Holy Dragon Empire's top confidential issues.

After taking a seat, Lena frowned and said to the emperor, "Your Majesty, I don't understand! Why did you sacrifice Basil to repel the Ximen Clan? Don't we have any other options?" She knew well that the arrangement was not for Rocky's sake at all. What the emperor's actual intention was to utilize the marriage to avoid the latent conflict with the Ximen Clan. That was not the first time that the royal family used such methods to contain other powerful and influential clans.

Almost every head of the Ximen Clan was married with a princess. And the history had proven that it was an effective way for the royal family to stray away from the Ximen Clan's power. Half of the blood running inside the Ximen Clan's members belonged to the royal family.

The current

e royal family. It means he would always choose the royal family instead of the Ximen Clan when he was caught in a dilemma," the emperor said. He had taken that into his consideration as well, which was one more reason why Basil was clearly the perfect choice.

Lena didn't expect that coming. She had to admit that the emperor was a rigorous man, no wonder he could rule the Holy Dragon Empire with such ease.

"Basil's dragon spiritual power seems so special. I can't even tell its nature. And I heard from Master Mia that nobody noticed that he had reached the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage before the Dragon Birth Festival. Is it because of the special power he acquired from the Holy Dragon Bead? And that attack from Basil even defeated the talent from the Magic Phoenix Empire! I can feel that the attack's power has surpassed the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage. But I still can't figure out how Basil did it no matter how hard I tried! And where did Basil get the yellow spiritual crystal? Who gave it to him?" the emperor questioned.

"Your Majesty, why didn't you personally ask Basil then?" Lena was curious about the answers as well.

"Forget about it! Those questions shouldn't really matter anymore. Basil really made great progress in the past two months. And now that the power of the Holy Dragon Bead is starting to show itself. I can tell Basil will be a legend sooner or later. If only Karen were here to see it," the emperor sighed. Karen was Basil's mother, the one he fell deep in love with.

"Yes," Lena sighed as well. She missed Basil's mother as well. She then bid farewell to the emperor and left the secret chamber.

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