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   Chapter 79 An Astonishing Decision (Part Two)

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Compared with what he looked like two months ago, Rocky had changed a lot in temperament. When he put on the ornate robe, he had a more intimidating appearance than he did before. Born with fine features, his face was more handsome and noticeable. All in all, Rocky was no longer his old self that was too frail to withstand a gust of wind.

When Rocky stood before Lena and Mia with his new image, they watched him with the utmost admiration. Lena couldn't help but blush as she was deeply attracted.

"Let's go," Mia said as she went out first.

Rocky walked towards Lena and they followed Mia.

They climbed the carriage waiting outside. It dashed forward the entire way. Shortly afterwards, they arrived at the Grand Holy Hall.

For the very first time, Rocky entered the Grand Holy Hall. He was stunned by the grandeur of the hall. Even in the modern world where he came from, no architecture could come close to it.

Presently, many people were gathered in the Grand Holy Hall.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire sat on the gilded throne at the top of the hall with Priest Dean standing beside him.

On both sides of the hall stood a lot of people. The first row were the princes of the Holy Dragon Empire led by Alston. Since Rocky walked in, many princes focused their eyes on him. Instead of being friendly, they held Rocky in contempt with overwhelming arrogance.

As for Alston, who always treated Rocky as his enemy, he wrathfully glared at Rocky as his face was sullen.

Not intimidated by Alston's provocation, Rocky wore a sneer on his face and stared straight into Alston's eyes.

Apart from the princes, everyone else in the hall were the ministers of military affairs. Their

utmost respect.

All the people present couldn't help but feel jealous towards Rocky, especially the princes. They felt some sort of mental unbalance with what Rocky obtained for his outstanding behavior at the Dragon Birth Festival.

However, none of them dared to say a word against the decision of the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire.

Rocky's eyes lit up for he was given so many priceless things. Overwhelmed by an unexpected favor, he said, "Your Majesty, I could never thank you enough. I'd like to take them all."

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire then waved his hand to ask the maids to leave the hall.

"Next, I shall announce the first important thing..." The eyes of the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire ran down. After pausing for a moment, he said, "Given the extraordinary performance at the Dragon Birth Festival and the successful fusion with the Holy Dragon Bead, Rocky has successfully become a royal spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage. So today, I decide to restore his identity as a prince of the Holy Dragon Empire,"

the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire said. His decision caught everyone off guard.

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