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   Chapter 78 An Astonishing Decision (Part One)

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Meanwhile, in his coma, Rocky witnessed several shocking images in his dreams. He lay on a boundless land that was covered by corpses. The blood had merged into streams. Among the dead bodies were both humans and spirit-manipulated beasts. It seemed that Rocky walked into a battlefield.

An afterglow brought by dusk was shining over the bloody battlefield. It seemed as if doomsday had come. Instantly, the land was shrouded in a giant dark shadow. Rocky looked up at the sky and saw an enormous black dragon whose big eyes were twinkling with evil light. With six strong wings, the dragon emanated the momentum of the king of heaven and earth. However, its dark and evil power could also make people tremble in fear.

"If you yield to me, I shall lend you my power..." All of a sudden, the black dragon almost deafened Rocky's ears with its loud roar.

The next moment, Rocky saw the black dragon come at him with its mouth wide open. Everything happened so fast. It was about to devour him.

Rocky opened his eyes abruptly and sat up on the bed as sweat dripped down his forehead. He was trying his best to catch his breath.

"Fortunately, it's just a dream," Rocky sighed out of relief when he realized that the black dragon wasn't real. All of a sudden, he felt something move beside him. As he looked down, he saw a woman's body lying right before his very eyes. Moreover, her sleeping position was really seductive. Her clothes was in such a mess that some of her skin could be seen.

"Lena?" Rocky recognized that the woman lying on his bed was Lena.

Rocky gradually recalled the things that happened before he passed out. He fought off Erica and went into a coma because he was severely wounded. But now, it seemed that his body was doing better and

ng something from her.

Rocky smiled and continuously acted to be ignorant about what Mia was talking about.

"Basil..." At that time, a call came from behind.

Upon hearing that, Rocky looked back and saw Lena standing behind him with her clothes still in a mess. It was quite misleading that as if something had happened between them.

Seeing that, Mia glared at Rocky with murderous intent.

Scorched by Mia's eyes, Rocky immediately turned around to explain to her, "I swear, nothing happened between us!"

"Master Mia, what are you doing here?" Embarrassed at the sight of Mia, Lena hurried to tidy her clothes and behave herself.

"His Majesty asked me to check on Basil's situation. He said that once Basil was awake, he should go to the Grand Holy Hall with Her Royal Highness. In addition to that, he also gathered some members of the royal family and some ministers together. I guess he must have something very important to announce..." Mia said.

"I see." Lena nodded. It looked like she had realized the intention of the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire. Therefore, she instantly ordered a maid to prepare Rocky a suit of ornate robe and dress him up.

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