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   Chapter 77 Peaceful Time

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Amidst the cheers ringing out for Rocky, he suddenly fell hard on the ground. It was apparent that he had been hurt badly. The reason for his suffering was because of the powerful strength that was far beyond his abilities. Everyone grew quite concerned at the sight of him losing consciousness.

"Basil!" Mia shouted out at once. Before she could make a move, Marcia had already run forward towards Rocky.

"Basil, well done!" She examined him to find whether there could be anything wrong as she saw that Rocky was lying unconscious. Rocky had been hurt badly. If he didn't receive treatment in time, he would certainly lose his life. Without thinking twice, Marcia took out a bottle of the magical saliva that Rocky had given her before. She made Rocky drink a little of it immediately. Afterwards, she turned around and told Mia, "Please tell His Majesty that I will bring him with me to treat him right now." Mia nodded in agreement. Marcia then left the battlefield with Rocky.

Though Marcia left with Rocky very quickly, someone in the crowd had recognized her. Chaos broke out once more, with everyone around the battlefield growing greatly excited again.

"I can't believe my eyes. Is it really General Marcia?"

"You're right! But how does she know Basil? Why did she take him away?"

"Perhaps General Marcia likes Basil?"

They soon seemed to forget the fact that Rocky had won the match. Their attention was diverted at the sight of Marcia. Heated discussions broke out about how she and Rocky could be connected. Speculations broke out about all the possibilities of their relationship.

At once, Mia went to find the emperor and Lena, even if she too had been hurt. She relayed what Marcia had asked her to. As she expected, the emperor and others were also in the state of shock.

"Why is General Marcia willing to treat Basil out of the blue? They even d

s. His face was no longer deathly pale, but he was still in a coma.

The emperor and Lena felt relieved at the sight of him sleeping safe and sound.

"Your Majesty, I will stay here to take good care of Basil. The Dragon Birth Festival is still ongoing. You have left the battlefield for too long," Lena respectfully reminded him.

"Very well. That's very kind of you." The emperor nodded, sighing with relief.

"Your Majesty, you have said that..." Lena murmured after being lost in thought for several moments.

"Don't worry! I've been waiting for this day. It seems that he hasn't let me down," the emperor said very contentedly, before exiting the chamber.

"You can leave now. I will stay here to look after him," Lena told the maids.

She sat beside the bed, staring at Rocky who seemed to be in deep sleep. She stretched out her hand to touch his face tenderly, softly smiling. She said to herself, "If your mother could see with her own eyes what you have done today, she would be so, so proud. We no longer need to worry about you all the time now. You have grown up and become a strong man." She lay beside Rocky, closed her beautiful eyes and enjoyed the peace and tranquility that came with an overwhelming sense of contentment.

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