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   Chapter 76 It Is Too Late

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Rocky was not powerful enough to be Erica's opponent. Apparently, Mia had also lost to her before, so it was better to end the fight now. Otherwise, he would not be as lucky as before and might end up badly wounded, or worse, he might end up dead.

"Preceptor Felicia, what do you think?" Although the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire had already made up his mind, he still politely asked Felicia for her opinion.

"Since we have a clear victor, there is no need to continue the fight. I am afraid that my disciple may have been a bit too impetuous. Please forgive her," Felicia responded. Erica acted very rashly and impulsively, but she had defeated a spirit manipulator from the Holy Dragon Empire who was at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Felicia did not feel an ounce of remorse for that fact. Needless to say, she wanted the fight to stop while they were still quite ahead. She was worried that the fight might lead to a worse end if it was not stopped now.

"Priest Dean..." The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire turned to the priest beside him after getting Felicia's approval.

"I'm afraid it's too late now," Priest Dean said suddenly as he glumly stared at the fighting site. The situation had changed quite drastically while they were talking.

Hearing what the priest said, both Felicia and the emperor immediately turned their attention back on the fighting site and saw Erica coming up at Rocky. She appeared as if she was about to give him a deadly blow, swiftly closing the distance between them.

Everyone watching the scene was at the edge of their seats. Rocky would not be able to dodge the attack in time.

And it looked like he did not plan on dodging the attack.

"What the hell is he thinking? Does he want to die here?" Marcia in the crowd was confused by Rocky's behavior. She frowned as she rushed towards the fighting site.

"Get away, Basil!" Mia tried her best to stand up. She wanted to push Rocky away and block Erica's attack for him as a payment for saving her regardless of his own life.

Suddenly, two figures started rushing towards Rocky.

Erica gathered a strong Thunder spiritual power in her palm. As the Thunder spiritual power increased, its blue flames continued to flare up. The next second, Erica raised the gathered power that was strong enough to kill Rocky and launched it towards him.

Rocky then did something unexpected that shocked everyone. He rushed towards the much more powerful Erica

words, Erica glanced around at all the people and saw them staring lecherously at her body. She flew into a fit of range from the shame and humiliation.

"I will make you pay for this one day!" Erica vowed then immediately disappeared.

Being that Erica had left and Rocky was still standing on the fighting site, he was now technically the winner of the fight. He was wounded, yes, but he was still on the site nonetheless.

All of a sudden, the crowd on the square erupted into a loud round of cheers at Rocky's victory.

Felicia had never expected that her top disciple would be defeated by Rocky who was weaker than she was. A scowl gradually formed on her face. She abruptly stood up and said, "I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I have something important to do. I have to leave now." She then immediately left, along with the other phoenix spirit manipulators.

'Ha-ha! The Magic Phoenix Empire really lost its face this time, '

the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire laughed to himself as he saw Felicia leave in such a haste. He then looked at Rocky on the fighting site.

People began chanting Rocky's name. He not only beat those new phoenix spirit manipulators by his own power, but he also defeated Erica who was a master at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Although no one knew how he managed to do that, it was not important for them at the moment. What was important now was Rocky had proved to everyone in the entire Holy Dragon Empire that he was powerful.

"How? How did he defeat Erica?" Alston mulled. He reckoned that Erica was probably just not strong enough. He then left angrily after giving Rocky a pissed off look.

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