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   Chapter 75 Call It A Day

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It would be quite impossible for Rocky who was at the first grade of the Earthly Stage to successfully take a hit from someone who was at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Everyone who saw what happened was thinking that Rocky had bitten more than he could swallow

despite his admirable courage.

Lena grew worried as she saw Rocky take a hit to protect Mia who had been wounded.

The emperor who had always been calm and steady was a little bit unsettled. Rocky was becoming a national treasure to the entire Holy Dragon Empire. If he was somehow hurt or worse, if he died in an ordinary competition, it would be a tragic and tremendous loss for his country.

Alston looked as if he was in grief and was deeply concerned while he wished from the bottom of his heart that Rocky buried himself over this and got killed by Erica, which would be one less obstacle for his desire to get the throne.

Just as everyone was worried about Rocky, he was also embarking on a dangerous stage as he was taking a continuous beating from his opponent who was at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage. Although he had unleashed his dragon spiritual power to absorb the spiritual power from her move, the opponent was still too overwhelming for him. Even if he managed to absorb all of its power, it would overload his own body causing it to explode from within.

"Basil, you need to step out of the way......" Mia had never thought that Rocky who she had been giving a hard time by providing extra workload during his training would step up and take the hit that was meant for her. At that moment, Mia knew that Rocky could no longer withs

have been a piece of cake for her to defeat a spirit manipulator at the Earthly Stage. However, not only did she fail to defeat Rocky, he stood there unscathed which was a complete insult to her more than anything else.

She was getting very close to losing her temper.

Erica bit her lips as she shot a cold look at him. She was oozing with killing intent as she tightened her fists. There was no way she was going to let Rocky survive her next attack.

"Your Majesty, the way I see it, we already have our result right in front of us. Let's just call it a day before it gets out of control." Seeing that Erica's face was turning solemn, Lena immediately suggested to the emperor to stop the contest as she was deeply worried about Rocky's safety.

The emperor snapped out of it and came around. Hearing Lena's suggestion, he also looked concerned. Mia had already lost. Although Rocky successfully survived a hit from Erica, there was no way he could do it again. Judging from his own experience, the emperor was convinced that Rocky's miraculous run should end right then and there.

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