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   Chapter 74 Amazing Light

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Seeing the Glint Phoenix's strong power, Mia turned serious. She jumped high in the air after blocking Erica's attack.

At the same time, the Scarlet Flame Dragon dived down and Mia landed on it. Then the Scarlet Flame Dragon spouted out fierce flame to Erica.

To escape the flame, Erica quickly dodged to one side.

Mia took the chance shouting coldly, "Flaming Wind!" To burst out the spiritual force, she raised her left hand, summoning a fierce whirlwind that carried the flame which the Dragon had spouted out. The fire quickly spread all over the battleground, blocking Erica's way out.

The move showed Mia's superior skill in manipulating the dragon. Incredibly well, she could bond her own power with that of the dragon.

Everyone cheered at her fantastic attack.

"The girl is really powerful. Maybe, she's only a tad less lethal than General Gorgeous," Rocky murmured to himself as he watched their fight. But his face grew solemn when he saw Erica's odd reaction.

Erica, who was surrounded by the flame, stood still and did not try to dodge. Instead, as the fire got closer, she burst out a light shield, similar to what the Glint Phoenix had burst. When the volley hit on the light shield, it immediately bounced back towards Mia.

Mia had not seen that coming, but she manipulated her dragon to sidestep.

With a loud boom, the field erupted into a cloud of fire and dust.

The fight intensified with every passing minute.

Neither Mia nor Erica seemed to slow down, and it looked like the match would end in a draw.

An hour later, they both appeared to be wearing out, but still neck and neck, with no clear winner in sight.

'I seem to have underestimated her, ' Erica thou

r like a boomerang.

Blood was splashed into the air.

Mia let out an ear-splitting scream as she fell to the ground.

Once again, Erica showed up, right where the light shield had stood. She gathered the spiritual power and rushed towards Mia who was badly wounded. She wanted to wrap it up quickly so as to get even with Rocky.

Erica gathered the spiritual power into her right fist and it turned into a gigantic shadow against the light.

Like someone who was seriously injured, Mia lay still on the ground, and did nothing but stare at Erica charge forward to strike again. Maybe, she knew she had lost the battle.

The crowd was surprised at the manner in which she was about to lose.

But something changed the game. As Erica was about to hit her, a strange figure appeared between them. Out of the blue, the intruding figure raised a left-arm tattooed with a Dragon Spirit Mark.

The mark was emitting dazzling multicolored light which blocked Erica's fist.

Everyone was shocked again by the sudden change. They were even more startled to realize the person who had blocked Erica's strike. It was none other than Rocky.

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