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   Chapter 73 A Wonderful Game

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Mia blushed when she heard Rocky. She then argued, "When did I ever say such a thing? I don't remember that at all!"

"How could you..." Rocky's lips curled in disappointment.

"Stay right here! Once I'm done with Erica, I will come back for you and teach you a lesson." Mia winked at Rocky and then turned to face Erica.

Erica had already prepared herself for the upcoming fight. She completely ignored Mia and laid her eyes on Rocky.

The reason why she cared about Rocky was not just because he defeated Tasha. When she heard her master marvel at Rocky's performance, jealousy began to boil in her chest. She had always been the best talent but now Rocky had surpassed her. How could she possibly accept that? Rocky reached the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage from the first grade within a span of two mouths. Such a quick breakthrough had overshadowed her strength. And now she just witnessed that he reached the Earthly Stage in the blink of an eye. No one in the Wild Spirit Land had done such a thing before.

She wanted to know what was so special about Rocky on earth. But deep down inside, she just could not accept that she was overshadowed by Rocky in the aspects of cultivation progress and talent.

"Your time has come, Scarlet Flame Dragon!" Mia opened the Magic Spiritual Space and called her Scarlet Flame Dragon out. The Scarlet Flame Dragon was a four-star spirit-manipulated beast that had reached its highest level. What's more, the Scarlet Flame Dragon was obviously much superior to its peers.

Among the royal spirit manipulators who were below the Supernal Stage, both Mia and her war beast were on the top three list. Without a doubt, Mia had a great future awaiting her. And the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire thought highly of her as well. That was why the emperor appointed her as the instructor in charge of training the new royal spirit manipulators.

Apart from her being an excellent spirit manipulator, her grandfather's influence was also a key reason. Her grandfather who had reached the high grade of the Divine Stage was a great general who used to assist three emperors in gover

r their masters' heads and started a brilliant fight. As the Scarlet Flame Dragon opened its mouth, raging flames immediately charged towards the Glint Phoenix. The flames were much fiercer than those it threw at Rocky before. From where Rocky stood, the Scarlet Flame Dragon's mouth looked like a violent volcano. As he witnessed that image, he finally understood that Mia had shown him great mercy that day. If the Scarlet Flame Dragon had thrown such a forceful attack at him, he would have been burned into ashes in an instant.

The Glint Phoenix, however, didn't dodge the fire attacks but calmly flapped its wings. In a matter of seconds, its spiritual power sparkled around its body to form a shining dome that protected it from harm. Whenever the fire attacks from the Scarlet Flame Dragon would hit the protective dome, the attack would be rebounded from the dome and would fall on the ground. The fire attacks then left large black markings on the ground.

Every spiritual beast was born with their own special ability. Obviously, the special ability of Erica's Glint Phoenix was defensive. It could throw back any of its opponent's attacks. But this ability had a disadvantage. If the Glint Phoenix met a stronger opponent, the ability would be significantly weakened. The Glint Phoenix, however, was almost as strong as the Scarlet Flame Dragon, which meant the tiny gap didn't influence its effectiveness at all.

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