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   Chapter 72 Fight Between Masters

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Everyone knew that Mia was a proud woman who didn't care about others, especially men, so nobody thought that she would help Rocky.

It was reasonable after all because Mia regarded Rocky as her student.

But they couldn't believe that Lena, the Witch of the Holy Dragon Empire, was also willing to help Rocky in public. She was such a humble and cautious girl that everyone was caught by surprise. Rocky felt different though. He was grateful for Lena, because she had helped him so many times. To his surprise, Mia who often punished him also went out of her way to help him. Erica was also in a state of shock. Although she didn't know Mia, she was able to know that Mia was almost as powerful as her. She was more familiar with Lena because Lena was the Witch of the Holy Dragon Empire and she represented the image of the entire Holy Dragon Empire.

It was impossible for Lena to challenge Erica when Erica wanted to fight Rocky.

'This is getting interesting! Maybe, this guy really had something different in him. Otherwise, Mia and Lena wouldn't have bothered giving him a hand, ' Marcia stood beside the field and thought to herself with a smile on her face.

When the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire saw what they had done, he felt surprised that he couldn't believe it at first. But he remained calm and said to Felicia, "It seemed that it is the young people's business. Maybe we should just stay put and see what they will do." Felicia also felt that it was getting more and more complicated. Erica, her disciple, was not an impetuous woman.

However, she had no choice but to watch what was about to happen. She considered carefully and made a conclusion—Rocky was not an ordinary man.

"Your Royal Highness, I can fight her in your place, just say the word and it's done," Mia said to Lena. Lena was one of the most powerful spirit manipulators in the Holy Dragon Empire. Only a few people knew about it and Mia was one of them.

Because of her high status in the Dragon Empire, Lena rarely had to use her spiritual power. From other people's perspectives, Lena was holy like a fairy.

Lena frowned as she concentrated. She was going to help Rocky fight Erica because she was worried about him. After all, Rocky had already defeated Tasha just now. Maybe, Erica was going to take revenge and really hurt him this time. Of course, she was surprised to see Mia stepping up to provide some help.

Since Mia decided to he

if they weren't careful. In consideration of this point, Mia asked the soldiers to step back to enlarge the area of the battlefield.

"You don't need to fight. She aims to teach you a valuable lesson. If you fight her, you're only doing what she wants you to do. In addition, whatever you do, it will surely hinder me from playing my best," Mia told Rocky in a serious tone as she walked towards him.

"Set your mind at ease. I am not going to fight her." Rocky shrugged his shoulders with a smile on his face. He was not stupid so he had no plans for fighting Erica who was a dozen times stronger than him. Now that Mia wanted to help him, he decided to step aside and let her do her things.

Mia nodded her head and watched Rocky for a while. Though she didn't ask Rocky about his strength, she was also confused just like the others. How did Rocky succeed in breaking through the Earthly Stage? How was Rocky able to hide his strength at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage under her supervision?

"By the way, Master Mia, do you remember the promise that you have made before?" Rocky asked with an evil smile because he suddenly remembered something interesting.

"What are you talking about? What promise?" Mia looked at Rocky with doubts because she couldn't remember it.

"You have said that if I succeeded in mastering the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill, you will go out on a date with me. I have mastered the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill for quite a long time now. So when are you going to come through with your promise to go out on a date with me?" Rocky asked as he crossed his arms.

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