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   Chapter 71 You Versus Me

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"Basil! Basil!" An exuberant cheer, followed by loud applause, echoed in the air in the huge space among the audiences. Everyone felt exhilarated for Rocky's victory and stood up together to praise him.

Overwhelmed by the support from people, Rocky withdrew his left hand from Uriah's forehead and stroked it gently. Uriah's power was transformed into Rocky as he absorbed the yellow spiritual crystal's spiritual power. It looked exhausted now.

"That's no fucking way! How's that possible?! Why did it happen so?" Tasha busted in pain with tears filling her eyes. She could not admit that she didn't defeat Rocky. And, what made her more terrified was the fact that Rocky pierced through the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage and entered the Earthly Stage. After withdrawing the Spirit Possession, she returned to the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage. Also, she and her war beast both felt dead tired now, because of the Spirit Possession.

Hit by a wave of gloom, she felt anxious that she could not defeat him even if he was still at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage. Now being so late, he had already reached the Earthly Stage. But, Tasha was such a confident and triumphant woman, who had never suffered a failure. It was painful for her to accept the reality. At that instant, Rocky soothed her by saying, "Come on, Tasha! Just accept the result." This was like adding fuel to the burning fire as Tasha was already fighting a fierce battle within herself.

If the match lasted, it was obvious that Tasha would be hit by Rocky. But, the man didn't want that to happen as he did not like to hurt a girl.

"Never!" Tasha exploded in anger. She had lost her consciousness, and then she routed all her left power into her palm and threw fire attacks at Rocky.

Being a patient guy, he didn't overreact but waved his left hand as the fire attacks were targeted towards him. In seconds, those attacks scattered in the air. In short, they were consumed by his dragon spiritual power. Now that he had reached the Earthly Stage, his dragon spiritual power grew stronger as well. It could absorb the spiritual power from a Mortal Stage manipulato

the Magic Phoenix Empire.

"Relax, Preceptor Felicia!" the emperor said quietly. After all, Rocky had turned the tables. And now Erica, the proud talent from the Magic Phoenix Empire, was challenging Rocky voluntarily. No matter what the results would be, the Holy Dragon Empire would not suffer any losses or humiliation. Of course, Felicia knew what the emperor was speculating, but she had no other option now. If she tended to interrupt and end the game, she would put the Magic Phoenix Empire into an appalling situation. The Holy Dragon Empire would only think that the Magic Phoenix Empire couldn't afford a failure at all.

So she leaned back with hesitation. When Rocky heard Erica, he was startled in astonishment. As he gazed at the woman, he was mesmerized by her alluring beauty, fair complexion and enticing figure.

Erica felt so embarrassed under Rocky's stare and shouted at him, "Why don't you speak up? Fine! Then I will take your silence as confirmation." Clenching her fists in anger, she aroused her spiritual power. To his surprise, two figures appeared in front of Rocky and conversed at the same time. "I will fight along with you."

The two figures halted as they heard each other. And they cried out in shock as they stared at each other.

"Master Mia!" "Your Royal Highness!"

Those who supported for Rocky were Mia and Lena.

Their unexpected presence on the spot took the climax to a new dimension.

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