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   Chapter 70 Shocking Scene

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A dazzling light burst forth from the battleground when the three flaming tails crashed on Rocky. Everyone could feel the spiritual power spreading rapidly, like an overwhelming wave of energy.

They all held their breath at the sight of such an intense scene. Though it was merely a fight between spirit manipulators at the Mortal Stage, they were still attracted by the exciting combat.

No matter who won this fight in the end, there would still be two stars rising in the Holy Dragon Empire and the Magic Phoenix Empire.

But the crowd was still buzzing in anticipation at who could possibly win.

Even Felicia, seated beside the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, couldn't help but stand up and gaze at Tasha, who had removed the Spirit Possession, and Rocky, who was shrouded by fog. Tasha was out of breath, panting rapidly. No one knew whether Rocky was alive or not. Felicia thought the winner would be her disciple. Though Rocky had once more improved his spiritual power, she did not believe that he could reach the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage just yet. Yet she had still been surprised. After all, Rocky, only at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage, had still managed to make her disciple use her full power to defeat him, even after activating the Spiritual Possession. Felicia was even a little jealous of the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, for he had two gifted sons.

"Basil..." Lena could bear it no longer, after bearing the agony of staring into the unmoving fog for what felt like an eternity. She stood up and went to the battleground after she glanced at the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire.

At the same time, Mia was with the other trainees in the resting area and also felt worried about Rocky, who still did not show up. He had definitely surprised all of them with the leaps and bounds his power made. She hurried to the arena as well.

"Reckless man!" From the crowd, Marcia also rushed to the fighting site.

These three women coming from different directions were all worried about him. What a lucky fellow he truly was!

When everyone thought that Rocky had lost the fight, a strong spiritual p

Holy Dragon Empire was so excited that he even stood up.

He had lost all composure, much like everyone else present.

This was miraculous for the Holy Dragon Empire. It was a development that proved to the world the power of their empire.

Felicia was dumbfounded. A few moments ago, she thought Tasha had defeated Rocky, but right now her face grew stiff.

Priest Dean stared at him angrily. And Alston, who was resenting his brother more and more, was flushed and breathless, with a glint of insanity in his eyes.

However, Lena, Marcia and Mia, the three women who had been concerned about Rocky, were now shocked that his power had reached the Earthly Stage. The expressions on their faces were lively, to say the least. Excitement, joy, shock, and even confusion flashed in their eyes.

Rocky would have definitely broken out into loud laughter if only he saw the looks on their faces.

The quiet square was soon full of exclamations that spread like a great flood. The din grew louder and louder. Everyone looked at Rocky with disbelief. They shook their heads, remembering how he had been widely known as "Prince Loser"!

But right now, this "loser" had shocked them with his splendid gifts. He was the first one in the land who could level up from the first grade of the Mortal Stage to the Earthly Stage within two months. The crowd erupted into total joy, disbelief, and amazement. The noise grew greatly deafening!

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