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   Chapter 69 Madness

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"Well! You managed to take that one but I don't believe you can take another attack from me!" Tasha shouted angrily, clenching her teeth. She thought that another ferocious attack from her could easily take down Rocky. She had reached the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage so defeating Rocky should not be so difficult. But it did shock her to see Rocky standing safe and sound now. Tasha felt that she had been humiliated by Rocky. The strong desire to win the game sparkled in her eyes. It looked like she would never stop until she defeated Rocky.

But Tasha was unaware that she was on the brink of collapse. The Spirit Possession consumed lots of strength and spiritual power. Once the spirit manipulator was burned out by the Spirit Possession, the skill would fail to work immediately. But if the user didn't dismiss the skill in time, the spirit-manipulated beast's power inside the user's body would lose control, and the user would suffer immeasurable damage.

Despite such a situation, the strength left in her and the spiritual power she possessed were still enough to enable her to throw a formidable attack. Even if Rocky's dragon spiritual power could absorb her attack, Rocky would still get hit by the impact during the process. And considering the fact that he had got badly injured, how could he take a forceful impact anymore!

Rocky realized that he would have to find a new way to fight against Tasha's attack if he wanted to win the game.

Anybody else would definitely have second thoughts under such a situation. After all, Rocky was facing an opponent who had surpassed two grades more than him. It would hardly be possible that Rocky, a grade seven spirit manipulator, could take an attack from a grade nine one.

Rocky was an intelligent and audacious man. He had a plan under his sleeve. In a matter of few seconds, he had figured out a way to reverse the situation. Although it was an extremely risky step, Rocky had no other choice. He had to give it a shot.

He took out the last yellow spiritual crystal from his pocket. Everyone in the crowd was struck to see it. They didn't know how Rocky got the yellow spiritual crystal and why he took it out at that critical moment. They wondered what he would do with it.

"What the hell is he trying to do?" Marcia was equally puzzled when she saw Rocky take out the yellow spiritual crystal which she had sent him.

Meanwhile, everyone incl

rom that attack.

Obviously, he was taking a risk by putting all his eggs in one basket.

"Now!" After keeping back the bottle, Rocky widened his eyes and channeled his bursting dragon spiritual power into his left arm, which was on Uriah's forehead. The Dragon Spirit Mark around his left arm began to sparkle. No one could understand that Uriah's spiritual power was being channeled into Rocky's body through his left arm.

The fierce spiritual power was rushing from Uriah's body and was running inside Rocky through his energy meridians. With the help of the magical saliva which he drank moments ago, the circulation had finished in a matter of seconds. It had happened thirty times fast than before. After the circulation began inside Rocky, the spiritual power went back to Uriah's body.

All this while, Rocky felt like an explosion was going to take place inside him. If it was anybody else, they would have blown up and died after finishing such a quick circulation. The flow of such violent and powerful spiritual power inside would burst them in few seconds. But for two months Rocky had been using the magical saliva to speed up his cultivation. So, his body had been strengthened a lot by the magical saliva. And his body's endurance also had improved and surpassed that of most of the people.

During the circulation, the spiritual power inside Rocky had a quantum leap, which shocked everyone. They were fixed to the ground with eyes wide open and mouths agape.

While the power kept progressing and moving between Uriah and Rocky, the three fire tails were only a few inches away from Rocky.

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