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   Chapter 68 Who Is Better Now

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Seeing Uriah charging towards her, Tasha retracted one of the tails and blocked its impact. She made a pose with her tender hands in front of her chest and shouted aloud, light flashing from her eyes. "Chain of fire!"

A couple of chains that were blazing fire, swooped out of the ground around Uriah and entangled it in its grip from all directions. Uriah struggled with its utmost power but with no success. It seemed to be trapped in the chains.

Rocky became serious and intense as he saw Tasha trap Uriah with relative ease. He realized that her strength was far stronger than his, but he was not someone who would give up easily.

While Tasha was busy dealing with Uriah, Rocky took the opportunity to close in on her. He decided to use the skill of the Whirlwind Kick. Just as the aura of this kick began to materialize, Rocky charged towards Tasha.

Tasha pulled back immediately and brandished her three giant tails and that aura exploded to pieces.

Suddenly, Tasha felt a spiritual power which came crushing down on her. She balanced herself and saw a finger shining brightly. It seemed to be passing through her tails and coming straight for her in high speed. It was so fast that she didn't notice how soon it would reach her.

"Such childish play!" Tasha saw right through his trick. She quickly generated waves of fire that devoured the finger.

"Now here comes your payback." Tasha was taken aback. Just when she thought she had figured out Rocky's move, she heard a cold laugh behind her. She instantly turned around and saw Rocky standing there. Somehow he had managed to sneak behind her, and she was so engrossed that she failed to notice his movements.

As soon as he finished that sentence, Tasha saw a dozen palms striking down on her. She was clearly caught off guard as her tails were still out there. And there was no time f

cky, it would not have been possible for him or her to take such a hit. However, no one was aware that there was a special ability in Rocky's dragon spiritual power which seemed to have no nature. The ability was that it could devour other spiritual power. He had just used the special ability of his dragon spiritual power to devour most of the power of the hit from Tasha. Of course, he also paid a price for it. He had been hit more than a dozen times by the shock wave, in order to absorb her power.

He looked fine, but the fact was that though he took this hit, he could not take another one from Tasha now.

Fortunately, no one else knew his true condition. The whole square erupted in discussions and speculations.

"If I want to beat someone who is at the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage, I have to acquire more spiritual power." While he was wondering on it, something came to his mind. Suddenly, he grew solemn.

He remembered the resolve he had made to himself. He intended to win this competition and make everyone cheer for him. He wanted the entire Holy Dragon Empire to be proud of him and everyone to know that he was not that weak Basil any longer. He was the man who was going to make history in the Wild Spirit Land.

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