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   Chapter 67 Spirit Possession

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"Master!" Seeing Tasha activate the Spirit Possession, Erica looked to Felicia, yearning for permission to stop Tasha. After all, this time all the fights were just for exchanging experience, Tasha did not have to use dangerous skills like the Spirit Possession. Besides, Erica believed that Tasha could win that prince by her own power.

Felicia knew what Erica was thinking, but under the circumstances, her intervention in the fight would make good fodder for gossip. The other source of concern was whether Tasha would be able to control the spirit possessing powers afterwards.

But she decided to wait and see. Somehow, she hoped Tasha would win the fight and bring the last honor to Magic Phoenix Empire. Already, Rocky had won three fights, and it was unlikely that Magic Phoenix Empire could lose again. Though it was no harm to lose, they would fancy winning one last bout. Just for pride.

But Erica was not at ease. She wanted Felicia to take charge and restrain Tasha.

"She can activate the Spirit Possession? No wonder she is the most respected Phoenix player. For her seventh grade of the Mortal Stage, the confidence she exudes in turning on the skill is also rare," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire sighed, his face turning serious. When Rocky showed the power at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage, the emperor had been certain of victory.

Least had he expected that Felicia's disciple could summon Spirit Possession. If she succeeded in fusing that power, she would open a really wide gap between her and Rocky. It would take another miracle for Rocky even to come closer. No one believed that Rocky could rise beyond what he had already shown. As much as they had counted on him, the odds looked oddly staked against Rocky right now.

Like their emperor, most people from Holy Dragon began to despair.

"There is no need to fight since she activated the Spirit Possession. He doesn't stand a chance against her with his mere seventh grade. Whi

y surprise, he muttered something while still rolling on the ground. The he slowly rose up, and tried his best to stand still. Staring angrily at her, he cursed, "This woman is so heartless! Does she take this to be a matter of life and death? If I was weaker, she would have seriously injured me." Already, there was blood on the corners of his mouth. He was apparently injured.

Seeing Rocky had stood up after the first blow, Tasha immediately launched another attack determined to knock the wind out of him. In a flash, she charged at him, palm raised ready to strike. "Flame!" she shouted.

A ball of flame instantly flew out of her palm and rolled towards Rocky.

He jumped to one side and dodged, but Tasha swung her three long tails in quick succession. The tails blocked his way, cutting short his escape form the flaming ball.

As the flames rolled and tumbled closer, out of nowhere, a blaring roar rent the air. From the sidelines, Uriah had seen his master in danger, and being the beast it was trained to be, it jumped into the ring without waiting for a command. It directly blocked the flaming ball by standing between Rocky and Tasha.

Successfully, Uriah stopped the fireball, but he took some nasty hit in the process. But Rocky was safe. The next moment, Uriah charged at Tasha in a fit of rage.

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