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   Chapter 66 Neck And Neck

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Before she came here, Felicia had already known that the new spirit manipulators in the Holy Dragon Empire had just completed the process of fusing with the power of Dragon Master Clan. She could imagine that the Holy Dragon Empire wouldn't be so strong as the Magic Phoenix Empire, and for this reason she asked Tasha to hide her true force.

But she never expected that Rocky would appear and turn the situation around. To win the honor for Magic Phoenix Empire, she couldn't ask Tasha to hide her real power anymore.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire narrowed his sharp eyes, because he understood that Tasha has been promoted to the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage. The higher the grade, the greater the disparity between two grades. It was almost impossible for Rocky to win. But he pursed his lips thoughtfully. For some reason, he felt that there might still be hope.

He was not alone in feeling this way. Almost everyone present seemed to be expecting another miracle.

Both of the competitors had the war beasts at the second grade of the three-star level whose power was on par. This meant that it was mostly up to either Rocky or Tasha to win. But obviously, at the moment, it seemed that Rocky's own strength was still slightly inferior.

Rocky looked at Tasha, whose whole body glowed faintly with spiritual light. Suddenly, he burst out laughing, his eyes growing cold. "It seems that you are better than I thought, little girl. Show me your real strength now, why don't you?" As he spoke, the Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm suddenly flickered, and his body began to shine with spiritual light as well. At first, it was the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage, but in the blink of an eye, the spiritual light increased dramatically, reaching the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage.

The entire place broke out in a frenzy.

"The seventh grade of the Mortal Stage! What!? How!?" "He has also reached the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage!"

"Oh God, is he still human? He is much more powerful than we ever imagined!"

"He deserves to be recognized as the royal spirit manipulator who has fused with the Holy Dragon Bead. His power is amazing!"

All sorts of cries of surprise followed.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire and others were surprised to see Rocky's strength improve once more. Meanwhile, Felicia appeared to be worried. She hadn't exp

you. I'm sure I'm better than you." Tasha's big eyes suddenly flashed with rage. Her stout persistence drove her to execute an amazing move.

Tasha suddenly put her hand on the three-tailed fox beside her. The spiritual mark on her left face flashed suddenly as the fox abruptly screamed. Its three tails stood up, and the fur spiked outwards as if it were cold.

The beast turned into a red light and gradually fused with Tasha.

Everyone who watched this scene was stunned.

"Spirit Possession... A spirit manipulator at the Mortal Stage who can even conduct Spirit Possession!" Exclamations broke out.

Spirit Possession was a kind of magic that the spirit manipulator could fuse with spirit-manipulated beasts and possess the power of them, which could instantly enhance the power of spirit manipulators. However, this was a very dangerous process, because the power of the spirit-manipulated beast had not entirely been manipulated. Once the Spirit Possession was carried out, if the spirit manipulator couldn't control the power of the spirit-manipulated beast, their lives would be put in great danger. So typically, ordinary spirit manipulators only dared to try after the Earthly Stage. But this kind of magic was not appreciated by the spirit manipulator, because it was too dangerous.

It was absolutely risky for Tasha to use her strength at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage to fuse with a three-star war beast. Because the strength of a three-star war beast was absolutely on par with the manipulator, it would make it even more complex and difficult to control it.

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