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   Chapter 65 About To Become The Laughing Stock (Part Two)

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Erica, as Felicia's best disciple, knew what she was talking about at once. She then got up from her seat and disappeared to fulfill her request.

"Preceptor Felicia, I am confused. What exactly are you talking about?" the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire asked out of curiosity.

"Be patient, Your Majesty, you'll find out in a second," Felicia responded to ease his mind.

Just before the last contestant of the Magic Phoenix Empire appeared on the ring, Erica suddenly showed up in front of her and whispered a few words in her ear. After she was done whispering, Erica returned to her original seat.

The final contestant of the Magic Phoenix Empire, also known as a phoenix spirit manipulator, finally showed up on the ring and stood right in front of Rocky with a three-star war beast with her. Its shape was like a wolf but its face looked like a fox. Rocky found it was wagging its three very bright and thick red tails and that the aura it was exuding was no inferior to Uriah. Both of them were at the second grade of the three-star level.

"I didn't expect you to be such a little beauty," Rocky said after taking a careful look at his opponent. She was about sixteen years old or so, probably the youngest among all the seven phoenix spirit manipulators. Yet, her strength had reached the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. As the youngest phoenix spirit manipulator, she was also the most powerful. Besides, she seemed innocent, lovely, and tender, while her eyes were as big as grapes. If she grew up a little, she would definitely look gorgeous and would attract quite a lot of attention.

"Erica told me that I don't need to hold back in our fight. If I succeed in defeating you, she will give me a red spiritual crystal as a rewar

oenix Empire's new phoenix spirit manipulator could reach the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage so soon! Thus, he couldn't help but ask Felicia about her identity.

"Her name is Tasha Tian. As the most talented girl among the new phoenix spirit manipulators in our Magic Phoenix Empire, she only comes second to Erica, my best disciple. Tasha is also my final disciple. Her talent may not be comparable to Prince Basil. But as a member of the royal family, the prince had fused with the Holy Dragon Bead. Thus, even though he has his current strength, I only take it for granted." Felicia obviously wanted to win back some of their honor. After all, from only a moment ago, there had been three phoenix spirit manipulators who had been defeated by Rocky. If the Holy Dragon Empire changed the result of the contest to finally win the contest, then for the delegates of the Magic Phoenix Empire, there would no longer be any meaning to their visit of the Holy Dragon Empire. And if the result was spread out, others would regard their failure as a laughing matter. As the imperial preceptor of the Magic Phoenix Empire, Felicia couldn't bear to suffer from such consequences.

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