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   Chapter 64 About To Become The Laughing Stock (Part One)

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"That is the strength of the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage! What just happened? How could he have reached the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage..." Priest Dean who was sitting near the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was startled upon seeing Rocky's display of his mighty strength. Although he was well-informed and had lived long enough to see a lot of wonders, he was still stupefied by what he had just seen.

"Humph! Who used to accuse Basil of being a waste? Are you seeing this? In just a span of two months, he had already reached the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. Even the eldest prince, Alston, wasn't able to achieve that when he was Basil's age," Lena said as she beamed with joy. Meanwhile, she threw a scornful glance at Priest Dean. She always disliked him for being mean towards Basil.

"What? He did all of it in two months? Are you saying that since the day he fused with the Holy Dragon Bead, it only took him two whole months to reach his current level?" Erica, hearing what Lena said, was also completely startled. If she didn't see it for herself, she probably wouldn't believe it to be true. As a well-known phoenix spirit manipulator, she had to admit that even she couldn't make that happen in a span of two months.

Felicia who was next to Erica also had the same startled look on her face. Though she was knowledgeable and had seen a lot of amazing things, never had she heard of such a huge and quick improvement her whole life.

"To be more precise, it only took him two months to leap from the first grade of the Mortal Stage to the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. After his fusion with the Holy Dragon Bead, Basil did not get the power of the Holy Dragon Bead in an instant. It means that roughly two months ago, he was still stuck at the first grade of the Mortal Stage," Lena who cared for Basil very much and knew what had happened to him explained care

victory had won three points for their empire. As a result, the score between their empire and the Magic Phoenix Empire was now tied at six. The contestants of the powerful Magic Phoenix Empire were deterred by the amazing strength of Rocky. Now, at the ring, there was only one last contestant left to compete against him. Both of them were at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage.

Therefore, the next fight was about to be the final match between the Holy Dragon Empire and the Magic Phoenix Empire.

Since both Rocky and the last contestant of the Magic Phoenix Empire were at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage, their fight would be an intense battle of equal strength. At that moment, everyone in the audience was lost in their thoughts. But they all had a glimmer of hope that they could claim the final victory for their empire.

"Your Majesty, it is very rare for us to witness such a wonderful contest. To make the contest more attractive, we the Magic Phoenix Empire will no longer hide our trump card from everyone," Felicia said abruptly. She knew Rocky was a strong competitor and she didn't want to lose the contest. Thus, she decided it was time for them to use their trump card. Once Felicia was done speaking, she immediately nodded at Erica.

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