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   Chapter 63 A Loser's Counterattack

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Rocky looked his next opponent up and down carefully. The man also looked carefully at Rocky. He sensed that Rocky's terrifying power suddenly increased to a greater extent. He squinted, estimating that even if Rocky had improved, he could still match him. Before this competition, they had never heard of any other masters at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage in the Holy Dragon Empire. But totally unexpectedly, Rocky was a competent contender. It was surprising to say the least. He estimated that Rocky's strength could only reach that level. It was absolutely impossible that he could surprise them more.

"Did that war beast belong to you? Why don't you summon it?" he suddenly asked Rocky. His tone was soft and sweet as a woman's, making Rocky shudder and cringe.

"It's just a very ordinary low-class war beast, so I dare not show it to others, so as not to make a fool of myself. I am not like others, who, at first glance, are so disgusting that everyone who meets them loses their appetite for a few days. But they still have the nerve to show themselves to others! Don't they feel ashamed at all?" Rocky sneered, his spitefulness stemming from his discomfort.

The man was clearly used to this kind of bigotry and ridicule, and understood at once the implications of Rocky's words. He became angry at once, but immediately rubbed his face with his slender hand, as if to soothe an ache. In contrast to his annoyed expression, he said in a gentle voice, "Don't piss me off."

Upon hearing his words, Rocky became speechless. The corners of his mouth twitched. But he still tried his best to look calm and composed. He replied, "You didn't bring your war beast, did you? I don't want to take advantage of people's vulnerabilities." Rocky couldn't help but look around, noticing the absence of a beast.

"Since you didn't bring your war beast onto the stage, then don't blame me if I bully you. I'll show you the terrifying power of my Medusa..." Rocky's opponent made a rather flamboyant gesture with a matching pose.

All of a sudden, Rocky felt a strange force faintly coming from the air. A loud hiss reverberated near him. Although he had trained his listening ability for such a long time, he was still unable to determine its source accurately.

Suddenly, Rocky felt a constricting tightness throughout his whole body. He felt as though he had been tied up by an invisible rope. Both of his hands and feet seemed unable to move, and he stood like a wooden stake, unable to move a single step. Then he heard a hissing sound again.

A moment later, Rocky saw a thick python looming over him. He looked up and studied it carefully. From its body, three snake-heads with women's faces had crimson flickin

ogant? You are at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage, which seemed to be slightly inferior to me. Our war beasts are both three-star, so I definitely have an edge over you," his opponent retorted angrily. He couldn't help but feel great contempt, especially after the bigoted insults Rocky had thrown his way.

"You think I'm at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage? Really? Take a look for yourself!" Rocky's face beamed with pride. He slowly raised his left arm, and the Dragon Spirit Mark on it suddenly flashed. Then, his whole body was covered with a pale halo. All the spirit manipulators gasped, knowing full well that the emergence of the halo represented the fact that a manipulator's strength had already reached beyond the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage.

"This is... This is the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage..."

"Oh my god, he has already improved to the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage, hasn't he?"

"He is too strong! It only took him less than two months to turn from a useless waste to a royal spirit manipulator at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage!"

The whole square was filled with people's excited cheers. They were surprised. It was as shocking as his previous improvements. After all, their expectations had been growing with his strength. Now they were eager to see him improve his strength once again at a faster speed.

The crowd was jubilant, yelling and cheering. What an unexpected and yet welcome surprise!

In an instant, the atmosphere of the whole square transformed entirely. It was all because of someone who had been regarded as a useless waste by everyone from the very beginning. He was so powerful now! They all stared at him, noticing that his figure had grown so tall and straight! In the face of his great power lay endless possibilities for him and his empire!

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