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   Chapter 62 The Fury Of The Opponent

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"You still dare lie to me?" his opponent shouted, furious to the core. She struck her palms together. Water arrows materialized from the phoenix spiritual power, which was specialized in water, and shot straight at Rocky. The moment she made her move, she felt something wrong as she sensed something fall from her waist.

Every onlooker began cheering and breaking out in boisterous chatter as they saw her trousers fall, revealing her beautiful legs. This competition was certainly quite memorable, and they were glad to have witnessed it.

She seemed to have realized this after hearing the obscene comments from the spectators. She looked down and realized that her trousers had fallen to the ground. She immediately lost her composure and screamed. She grabbed her pants and left the stage in a hurry, apparently forgetting that she was competing with Rocky.

Rocky had used the Deity Finger that blasted her belt to pieces as their spiritual power battled. He knew this was not a fair way to treat a lady, yet it was the simplest way to win this game.

Rocky, to everyone's shock, had defeated two phoenix spirit manipulators and regained the advantage to some degree with a score of six to five.

This brought some hope to the Dragon Empire's team, who had long been convinced of their defeat. It was an unpredictable and bizarre win as the opponent had merely run away, thereby forfeiting to them. The Holy Dragon Empire team began to regain the hope that they could actually win this.

However, they were rather worried. After all, Rocky's last two wins had been out of pure luck and now his next opponent was also a phoenix spirit manipulator at the fifth grade of Mortal Stage. No one believed that Rocky could possibly win this round.

Just as they had thought that Rocky already reached his limit, he once again shocked everyone by bringing his strength to the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage and winning the competition.

The extraordinary change and improvement demonstrated on Rocky were quite amazing, and they were all searching for a possible explanation behind it. It dawned on them that it must have something to do with the Holy Dragon Bead.

It was widespread knowledge that Rocky had been removed as a prince for fusing with the Holy Dragon Bead. And the fact that he hadn't even made to the first grade of the Mortal Stage after the fusion was a subject of ridicule.

So his winning streak now wa

Holy Dragon Bead had been declared as the holy treasure of the Holy Dragon Empire, the emperor at the time announced that whoever in his royal family could fuse with the Holy Dragon Bead would be his successor to lead the Holy Dragon Empire. In this case, no wonder you are trying deliberately to hide his identity..." Felicia finally put two and two together.

The emperor was silent in response. It had long been known that Alston was predetermined to become his successor. What Felicia said was absolutely right. At the time when the Holy Dragon Bead was declared as the holy treasure, the emperor had indeed proclaimed that whomever in his family would be his successor if he or she could successfully fuse with the Holy Dragon Bead. It was understandable now why the emperor had concealed the truth.

Felicia's words stirred up some outbursts among the officials and royal family members, who immediately started to discuss among themselves. The selection of the next emperor determined their life to some degree. They were all concerned about what it could mean for them.

Even Alston, who had always shown restraint, could no longer hold back. Looking absolutely flabbergasted, he stood up as if he was about to protest before Priest Dean stopped him and whispered something into his ears to calm him down. If not for Priest Dean, he would have certainly stepped beyond his boundaries.

At this moment, Rocky's next opponent came onto the stage. He was also at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage yet more powerful than the last. Rocky frowned. The trick he had used last time probably wouldn't work on this fellow.

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