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   Chapter 61 Hide His Power

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Rocky surprisingly won the fight by just one move. Everyone was left dumbfounded; they could not believe that it was possible. They all thought that he was just a loser who was not capable of having any skills.

However, Rocky had been able to reach the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage and had even defeated an opponent who had won against the Bear.

People found such a change hard to accept.

"Deity Finger... When did he master this skill?" Mia was also surprised at seeing the spiritual martial arts that Rocky had just exhibited. She then soon remembered that she had personally practiced with Rocky for several days. She noticed that he had a knack for closely imitating her cultivation of the spiritual martial arts. However, she did not think anything of it at the time because she did not expect Rocky to actually be able to learn her skill.

"Has his power already reached the stage where it is strong enough to learn the spiritual martial arts? He deliberately intimated my spiritual martial arts and somehow tricked me into instructing him." Mia was suddenly enlightened. "It turns out that he had been deceiving me all this time. But what on earth did he do to hide his power so well?" she angrily murmured to herself.

"I wonder if he really is only at the fourth grade of Mortal Stage. Let me see how much power he is hiding." Among the shocked crowd, someone was staring daggers at Rocky as the latter stood on stage.

"Basil won! It turns out that he has reached the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage after all. Looks like I have been worried for nothing," Lena said, smiling happily.

'How was that possible?! When did he reach the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage? How come no one found out?' Priest Dean was shocked as well. He now regretted taunting and belittling Rocky in front of the other trainees. Rocky's splendid performance was like a slap to his face for putting his foot in his mout

g everyone's initial expectations of him.

He had proved that he was not a failure and a non-achiever, but rather a skillfully talented spirit manipulator who could surprise everyone.

After Rocky rose his power up to the fifth grade, he activated the Illusion Technique. He then launched an attack that was as fierce as a thunderstorm, which immediately suppressed his opponent.

However, his opponent's strength was not one to be underestimated. She was still able to withstand Rocky's powerful initial attack.

"Hey, gorgeous, your clothes that covered your chest seem to be torn," Rocky suddenly quipped.

His opponent, not realizing that Rocky was playing tricks on her, automatically looked down at her clothes, worrying that she might have been indecent. She had been tricked.

"Illusionary Palm!" Seeing that she was distracted, Rocky immediately launched the Illusionary Palm towards his opponent.

"You rat!" she shouted as she realized that he had been fooled. She then immediately released the phoenix spiritual power and formed a water shield to block Rocky's attack.

The palm shadows ferociously collided with the water shield and caused a thick mist.

Rocky then cried out another obscene remark, "Hey, gorgeous! I think your waist belt is loose!"

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