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   Chapter 60 The Useless Prince

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"Oh, I know who he is! He is the useless prince! Why does he come here?"

"I don't know either. He doesn't even reach the third grade of the Mortal Stage. Why would it be him who goes up for the last round? Did the Holy Dragon Empire make a mistake?"

"Yeah, maybe you are right. How could he possibly compare with the phoenix spirit manipulators from the Magic Phoenix Empire? They can probably defeat him in the blink of an eye! Holy moly! He is just going to make this situation way uglier!"

"Look! He doesn't even bring his war beast! Does that mean he's trying to surrender right from the start? Or maybe he doesn't even have a war beast of his own? That's just embarrassing!"

People began murmuring among themselves.

Even the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was surprised to see Rocky coming up in the last round.

"Priest Dean, what happened? What's the reason behind this?" the emperor looked at Priest Dean and asked him with worry.

"Your Majesty, I shall explain everything later," Priest Dean whispered. Because Felicia was present at the area, Priest Dean didn't tell the emperor beforehand that Marcia requested for Rocky to join the contest. As he expected, the emperor was caught by surprise the moment he saw that Rocky was present.

The emperor could tell Priest Dean was caught in an awkward situation. To add to that, Felicia sat right next to him so the emperor decided to put a stop to the topic and merely nodded at Priest Dean instead.

"What is this piece of crap doing here? Does the whole Holy Dragon Empire run out of other spirit manipulators?" Alston whispered furiously.

But when Lena saw Rocky, she immediately had stars in her eyes. Of course, she didn't know that Rocky's presence in the contest was made possible by Marcia so she thought it was because Rocky fought for himself. It made her feel really happy for Rocky.

"Oh! Is he the royal spirit manipulator who acquired the dragon spiritual power from the Holy Dragon Bead? The players from the Holy Dragon Empire who came before don't seem to be the one who has fused with the Holy Dragon Bead. Could he be the one? But he looks so weak. The other players look way stronger than him," Erica questioned with a face full of doubt.

"Well..." The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was tongue-tied and embarrassed after hearing Erica.

"Sorry, Miss Erica! The one you just mentioned doesn't join the game because he has another business he has to take care of," Priest Dean explained at once to save the emperor from further embarrassment as he nodded at him to let him know he had his back.

The emperor also understood that if

trouble with Rocky.

Rocky knew well what the audiences were thinking. All of a sudden, the light around his left arm dazzled brightly. His strength had now increased to the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage.

It all came out of the blue and none of the spectators expected any of it!

"Wow! That's truly surprising!" Erica marveled with her wide eyes. She knew that the way she initially thought of Rocky had changed.

Who could have possibly known that the useless princess could reach the fourth grade in the blink of an eye? Nobody had expected it to happen at all.

The daunting situation that the Magic Phoenix Empire predominated the game seemed to be overturned soon.

That phoenix spirit manipulator was also stunned by Rocky. As he still froze in shock, Rocky flashed away and succeeded in dodging the war beast and the spiritual martial arts attack. In a split second, Rocky had disappeared from his vision.

"Hey!" Rocky patted his opponent's shoulder to show that he was already behind him.

But it was already too late before the phoenix spirit manipulator could react. Rocky raised a finger and channeled his spiritual power to its tip as he pointed at his opponent's chest. As soon as his fingertip touched the phoenix spirit manipulator's chest, the powerful spiritual power began to invade his body. He was thrown away in an instant as he fell to the ground with a loud bang. He struggled to try and stand up for a while but failed.

Rocky's surprise attack caught everyone off guard. Silence filled the air. Nobody could believe that Rocky just won against the phoenix spirit manipulator. What they found much harder to believe was that the useless prince just knocked down a formidable opponent with ease and in such fashion.

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